Youth Symphony for science major

My son is a freshman science major who has been in youth symphony but wants to drop. We thought it is an attractive extracurricular b/c dedication it takes to do this. He isn’t sure what extracurricular are considered high caliber to replace youth symphony with. Suggestions?

Your kid should do ECs that he enjoys and not worry about the “caliber” of the ECs.

If he wants to do youth ensemble, that’s fine…but if he really doesn’t, then let him find something else that interests him.

Choosing ECs because you think they will impress college adcoms is a waste of time.


Is he in high school or college? Usually high schoolers don’t have a major so I assumed college. In either case, if he does not want to do youth symphony, he should probably stop. If a high schooler he has plenty of time to explore interests, which may change over the next 4 years. If in college, perhaps he wants to focus on other things as well.

Thank you for your reply. He is a high school incoming sophomore ‘21/22. Currently into power lifting and nutritional supplements. He will charter a weightlifting club in fall.

Thank you for your reply. Just joined and first post…, currently into powerlifting and interested in making Nutritional supplement. He will charter a weightlifting group in HS

Clarification, he is high school student incoming sophomore fall ‘21/22

He wants to make or take a nutritional supplement? Personally, I worry about kids getting into powerlifting and taking protein powders etc. Be careful with the supplements. Does he have any body image issues? Would he instead consider martial arts?

That is quite a turnaround from youth symphony but I supposed powerlifting also demands discipline. Just not sure of the value of the goal. But that’s me.

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Fyi NIH says American Academy of Pediatrics does not see benefit of supplements for teens . Dietary Supplements for Exercise and Athletic Performance - Consumer

Some can even be harmful if taken in excess.