"Youthful Indiscretions"?

<p>My best friend and I love Georgetown, and we both want to apply (hopefully EA) for Fall 2010 (we're rising juniors).</p>

<p>She's worried about GU finding out that she got an in school suspension in 7th grade. Another girl was bullying her and calling her names, so to get her to stop, she called her a name back (the first time I ever heard her swear! lol), and so she got a 1 day in-school suspension. </p>

<p>Everything worked out in the end: girl stopped bullying R. and R. started caring more about school. She's doing great, but worrying that something that happened in SEVENTH GRADE (suspension) will be negative on a college app.</p>

<p>Do they even look that far back?? What do I tell her (I have no idea how that works :) )</p>


<p>no, this is ridiculous and not something worth while when thinking about applying haha</p>

<p>Here are the Georgetown admission forms:
Georgetown</a> University- Office of Undergraduate Admissions
I see nothing that would ask about something from Seventh grade. Tell your friend not to worry about it.</p>

<p>It is fair to say that anything beyond high school (earlier than 9th grade) does not matter. Even if they cared about suspension in the 7th grade, they have no way of knowing because things like this are not reflected on HS transcript/ docs.</p>

<p>I doubt even a suspension in the 9th grade, as long as the student has a clean record since, would negatively affect a transcript. Of course, this depends on what the charge is, but for something like swearing, a freedom which I exercise daily, I seriously doubt it matters.</p>

<p>"youthful indiscretions" are only noted if they are in HS. telling a b1tch like she deserves is not going to keep you out of a top school.</p>