Youtube account from middle school

I have an old Youtube account from middle school under my real name that I lost the email to. The videos on it are not really professional and I want the account taken down. Since it is under my real name, I am worried that it will affect my chances of admission. Since I am above average academically for the colleges I want to apply to, this is the only thing that I am very concerned about. Will they take it into consideration if they look me up, even if the videos were made when I was much younger?
It seems that there is no way that I can access the account. If I were to contact the support line for Youtube, would they be able to help me? Since it is under my real name, could I prove my identity? If I were just able to get the email, I would be able to access the account.

I truly doubt that colleges will care very much about your middle school youtube account. There’s also a chance that there are more people than you that have the same name. For instance, if I search my name on facebook, there are about 45 people with the same name as mine.

What is so concerning about videos from middle school? If they are just silly videos I wouldn’t even worry about it.

@FlippersMom @sandiegodad2017
Yes, they are just silly videos. I’m very glad to hear that it should be okay.
My last name is quite rare so they would probably assume I created the videos. Do you think it is still worth it to ask Youtube to delete them?

Yes, you can try to get Youtube to delete them or to change your name on there.