YYGS application for session 2021

HI! Is anybody thinking of applying to YYGS this year? My ECs are not so very good like I won a karate championship, silver medal in french Olympiad, a website about mental health, and some school awards, and my class 10th results are yet to be declared.
Can anybody suggest to me what to write/add in my essays to make it good? I know it is a bit early…

Hi! I’m also thinking of applying to YYGS this year! I don’t have that many ECs either but is there some activity that you’re particularly passionate about? In my opinion, they probably care more about passion and commitment rather than any specific accomplishment though those are great as well.
As for essays, I personally am thinking about writing mine on my background and childhood and the walks I took with my grandmother. I think that its good to write about something thats small but means a lot to you.
If you’d like, you could dm me on insta? (fionahuang1127)
Im not on here often

My biggest advice would just be to simply APPLY; although some of my YYGS friends are insanely accomplished, many of us are just passionate students with a lot of love for what we do! I’d suggest strengthening your narrative central to your essays and EC’s; YYGS (as well admissions officers in general) tends to emphasize the importance of depth over quantity. It doesn’t hurt if your application ties with your top-choice program, either. I wouldn’t worry about a lack of awards or weak test scores, but definitely try to focus on sharing EC’s (and essays) that demonstrate a clear understanding of your identity. You want to frame your application around a story that is central to YOU. Hope this helps!

How prestigious is the YYGS? It’s pretty expensive, and I’m wondering it is “worth” it?

Getting in is certainly not an easy task; the program has an admit rate of about 20-30%. However, summer programs free of cost are usually the ones that garner the most prestige.

Believe me, @Anushka120804, you might only have one EC and get it. It is the quality that matters and not the quantity. You might only have one EC because you have to take care of your family or because your financial situation does not let you, or any other reason. Nonetheless, if you are really passionate about your 2-3 ECs, then your are doing great to get into YYGS.

I’m applying to YYGS! My essays are centered around 3 ECs that share the same theme of helping and educating the community. As long as your essays exhibit the same idea and show that you are passionate about your interest you’re good to go! Good luck to all applicants!

Hey! I’m applying to YYGS!
I personally had a ton of ECs that I did as a school rep so I made sure none of the information on my application is repetitive. This was one of the mistakes I made in other applications. It’s really imp to show that you are a multifaceted, passionate student. Who else is an international student applying for FA?

YYGS results are out today, Anyone got in? I got waitlisted.

I got into IST 2, but the program is really expensive and I didn’t even expect to get in