Zenni Optical?

Has anyone ever purchased frames from Zenni? The prices seem too good to be true. Looking for feedback.

I purchase from something similar, Warby Parker. I am very happy with both the quality of the frame, and the precision of the lens.

D1 purchased an extra pair of glasses form Zenni a couple of years ago and said she thought the quality was ok, but wouldn’t order glasses from there to wear daily.

D2 has several pairs of glasses from Warby Parker (she loves to change glasses to go with outfits!), but during wfh she has ordered 2 pairs of regular glasses and 2 pairs of sunglasses from eyebuydirect. Both times she ordered she got 50% off the second pair of glasses and I think the second time she ordered she got a pair of glasses (with blue light filter) and a pair of sunglasses for $120 total. The quality of the glasses is excellent.

I bought glasses from Zenni when I needed a pair to use after my Rx changed and before surgery. They were fine, as were glasses from eyebuydirect and Coastal. I’m fairly certain that I read about online Rx glasses here and recall quite a few favorable comments.

I’ve bought a good number of the very lowest priced Zenni glasses and have been pleased. I wear monovision contacts, so like to have some glasses in various locations to help me with distance - much the same as others do with reading glasses. I buy the $6.95 glasses and then pay a couple dollars extra to have “distance” engraved inside the frames so I know what they are. They are a great bargain at $9/pair but I wouldn’t want to wear them full time. I would definitely select a higher priced frame if buying glasses to wear for long periods.

Any insight as to who to use for bifocal glasses? I’ve heard Costco is good. My optometrist wanted over $400 for a pair.

I’ve had great success with Zenni but I have an rx for close up and another for distance so they’re not at all complicated. I also pay to have a “N” and a “D” printed on the arms.

My regular multifocal lenses are from Costco. My reading and computer glasses, for both home and work, are from Zenni. Couldn’t beat the price, and they do exactly what I wanted.

I bought a pair of sunglasses from Zenni. I screwed up entering my prescription on my initial order, and they were remarkable to deal with - for my mistake - and they didn’t have to be…

I don’t wear the sunglasses all the time (obviously) - if they were my every day glasses I probably wouldn’t order direct from them, but these are perfect for driving.

And, my bifocals are from Costco - love them.

Thanks for all the feedback. A few of you have said you wouldn’t use zenni for an everyday pair of glasses - can I ask why? Are they not as comfortable? Do they seem flimsy? Or, is there an issue with the fine tuning of the prescription?

I have four pair of progressive lenses glasses from Zenni plus a pair of progressive lenses sunglasses. In my case, they fit me perfectly and worked as well or better than the $600 ones I got at the opticians here.

Once you order, you get emails with sales offered. I think my sunglasses were about $80. Perfect. The last pair of glasses I got was about the same price.

Mine have fit me perfectly right out of the box. I might be lucky on that! No adjustments needed at all.

For the price, it’s worth trying.

I will say, my optician gave me my PD and I’m glad. There are clear instructions on the Zenni site for this measurement.

You can also upload a picture of yourself and “try on” different frames. I’ve never done that.

I’ll add, my son used an online glasses place and had not a good experience. His RX is stronger and more complex than mine. He only gets one pair of glasses and feels the service he gets is needed in person.

I find no difference from Zenni or Costco glasses. I have progressives and ordered the thinnest lens. Bought three pair this year. About $100 each.

Everyone in my family buys glasses from Zenni. We have all been happy with them. My husband wears progressives that he puts on in the morning and takes off at night and has had no problems with either comfort or quality with Zenni. I’m more of an intermittent progressive wearer, little distance correction and a preference for task readers (different powers for different tasks) but even with all the taking off and putting on have not had any issues with wear. And my progressive poloroid sunglasses are terrific for about $75.