<p>Has anyone tried the Zija supplement/weight loss system? A friend of mine is using it with great results...supposedly it has all your nutrition for a day in a well-absorbed form, which offers the benefits of 1. reducing cravings from a poor diet, 2. increasing energy and wellness and 3. helping with weight-loss because although you eat less, your body is not in "starvation mode". This friend was very skeptical and even took it to her doctor, who said there seemed to be no down side (other than it is expensive.)</p>

<p>Wondering about actual stories of people who have tried it, not those people who haven't who want to tell me it is voodoo. I do understand it is pushed by in-home reps, but that doesn't necessarily make it a scam, and I have two friends who have used it with good (realistic) results, so it's not just an info-mercial I heard.</p>

<p>It is from the moringa plant, which has been used to treat malnutrition in Africa...</p>

<p>Hello I am looking for the reviews on moringa as I want to know more on these types of products. i am interested in viewing the reviews of mixed people.</p>

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<p>Yes i also tried this. Its really effective and good energy drink. The best thing about Zija is, it doesn't have any side effects like the rest of the energy drinks out there. It helps in weight loss..</p>

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<p>I believe that gimmick products like this undermine efforts to lose weight with a false notion that there is a short-term "fix" or "secret" to diet and fitness. The idea that weight loss can be purchased in a bottle is inconsistent with the mindset that will produce results, IMO.</p>

<p>Zija products consist of nutritional drinks, skin care product and weightloss supplements. Has anyone tried zija weightloss supplements? Please suggest me I also want to use this product for losing weight.</p>

<p>zija</a> weightloss</p>

<p>interesteddad, another problem is that it doesn't teach people to eat a healthy diet, which is the key to keeping the weight off long-term. Even our zija trolls should know that much. :rolleyes:</p>

<p>Wow, 3 brand new posters all joined CC within hours of each other that love this product and posted links for it. What an amazing coincidence, It must be a sign. I'm going to run out and buy some right now. Or not.</p>