Zipdrivekid67890 is the latest poster on 10 threads in a row.....for a 3rd time!

<p>What can I say? i JUST WANT TO THANK THE PEOPLE OF CC for hearing me out and allowing me to express my views. Lets discuss me!</p>

<p>can't you use the same thread???</p>

<p>and I just broke your streak!

<p>nope. That would make in unofficial! Ive posted ten times in a row...for the 3rd time. I must admit that these threads have a point though. Ive noticed on CC how some people have 10,000+ posts. I want to be one of those people. So, I, too, will become one of those people. Plus, I love this site. Besides the cafe, it really does give great feedback on colleges. Dooley and sally r. are awesome for creating this place. Thanks you guys!</p>

<p>Yay go TVA!</p>

<p>hey vegan, go eat some meat!</p>

<p>WOW shastarasta lol.</p>

<p>zipdrive: posts in the cafe don't count for post numbers. so if you want 10,000 you have to goto the other threads.</p>

<p>and shastarasta, what's the point of random comments like that?</p>

<p>Are You Serious?! Omg Ive Been Wasting My Time????</p>

<p>yeah you have, "smart one". Did you miss me?</p>

<p>didn't you notice you only have 36 posts?</p>

<p>its not random at all, all i said was eat some meat, its good for u!</p>

<p>actually, i could care less about the post count. I just like being here and helping craze200. He has trouble with his life, so I like to help him through this message board</p>

<p>im gonna beat you vegan im gonna beat you vegan im gonna beat you vegan</p>

<p>shastara: actually it's bad for you.
we could argue this, but there have been threads on it before that just turn into totally angry arguments and get deleted.</p>

Zipkid: how are you going to beat me?</p>

<p>oh do I, and it's a She if you please.</p>

<p>ya beat vegan like the meat she should be eating!</p>

<p>when i said im gonna beat you, i meant in # of posts! Im not a violent person! la vie bohem!</p>

<p>I'm rooting for Vegan all the way. WOOT!</p>

<p>i've waited long enough, but i think it's time i finally did this...i'm reporting you for spam. BAM!</p>