Zoes Kitchen to open in Dryant Denny and Strip plans

<p>[Zoes</a> Kitchen to open Bryant-Denny Stadium location | TuscaloosaNews.com](<a href=“http://www.tuscaloosanews.com/article/20110803/NEWS/110809958/1007?p=1&tc=pg]Zoes”>http://www.tuscaloosanews.com/article/20110803/NEWS/110809958/1007?p=1&tc=pg)</p>

<p>This construction takes away at least 40 spaces from the already-crowded Tut lot. Argh.</p>

<p>so, are the restaurants in the South End open every day? </p>

<p>*This construction takes away at least 40 spaces from the already-crowded Tut lot. Argh. *</p>

<p>Is that an area that is being changed this summer…road-wise…and parking space wise? maybe with the road changes they’re able to compensate for more parking spaces?</p>

<p>If Yogurt Lab is any indication, probably/yes.</p>

<p>And yeah, as far as the parking spaces, one can hope that more spots will be opened through other means. It doesn’t affect me at all TBH, but I know people that will be less than pleased by South End Zone parking being placed in the former Tut side lot.</p>

<p>For what it is worth, Zoes has the BEST Chicken Salad Sandwich I have ever had! I even had the same meal (Chicken Salad Sandwich and a cup of fresh fruit salad) two days in a row when I was down in Tuscaloosa Mother’s Day Weekend.</p>

<p>Well, I’m here in T-town today so I’ll check out the parking situation to see if it looks like more spaces were created with any road changes.</p>

<p>I went by the site today- it looks as though the parking spaces will be preserved. Dunno where Zoey’s (Which is open now) will get their parking, though.</p>

<p>They’ll probably use the Calvary Baptist lot across the street</p>

<p>There’s a little lot at the corner of Wallace Wade and Bryant, across Wallace Wade from Rama Jama’s and tucked right up against the stadium, that you can park for free if you make a purchase from Zoe’s or Yogurt Lab.</p>

<p>We love Zoes and how great that it has opened in time for Spirit Week…it will be filled with sorority girls I believe…especially this weekend since some of the houses will not be serving food until Monday (NJ…you might need a quick road trip…!!!). Lets hope non of them park in the “no parking” lots (I know they all got emails about this). We have told DD 1 ticket and the brand new convertible comes home for Mom to drive!</p>

<p>Went to Zoe’s for lunch yesterday. </p>

<p>That parking lot that is being worked on across the street…is that for Zoe’s/End Zone businesses or Tut?</p>

<p>There actually is an admissions office there as well.</p>

<p>Chauffeur and House Boy. Tell your daughter I can start driving her and her sorority sisters around on Monday. 1st stop Victoria’s Secret for some clothes shopping :-)</p>

<p>Good Lord, I just realized I wrote “Dryant” instead of “Bryant” in the title of this thread. I should receive 50 lashes and be forced to watch old game tapes from the Shula era.</p>

<p>NJ…passed on the offer…they’re considering it but have lots of applications to go through before they make a decision…and are reworking their maps for the 2011 shopping routes…ha ha!!! (spelling is not a qualification needed!).</p>



<p>According to the 2011-2012 Campus Parking map, link below, that parking lot is Orange Zone residential parking (Sororities and Tutwiler). On football weekends, it’s VVIP (very, very important person :wink: ) parking, so whatever construction work was using that lot up WILL be wrapped up by the end of the month.</p>

<p><a href=“http://bamaparking.ua.edu/images/11-12-maps/UA-parking-11-12.pdf[/url]”>http://bamaparking.ua.edu/images/11-12-maps/UA-parking-11-12.pdf&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<p>As I said in post #9 in this thread, the small parking lot at the corner of Wallace Wade Ave and Bryant Drive is free with a purchase from Zoe’s or Yogurt Lab.</p>