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I want to study in England, but I am not the best test taker...

brandie123brandie123 1 replies3 threads New Member
Here is my story... I am not good at tests, and I ended up with a poor ACT score during my third year in high school, and I have not taken any AP courses, no matter how much I begged my mom, she wouldn't let me take them. It has been a goal in my life to study abroad, and since I have been out of high school for a year, and I have a year of University under my belt, I feel like this could be my chance.
Throughout high school, I have gained experience and qualifications, I graduated at the top 25% of my class, and with a 3.3 GPA. I honestly don't know if this is even good enough. I am aware Universities are competitive, and if they even saw my application, I don't doubt at all that they would laugh and question why a dumb girl is applying somewhere far.
I am in the process of applying now, but I still wonder if I am just wasting my time, and the Universities time by applying... Can anyone tell me exactly what I should do? Should I continue with the process, or should I forget all about it?
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Replies to: I want to study in England, but I am not the best test taker...

  • Conformist1688Conformist1688 1306 replies31 threads Senior Member
    Having completed a year at a US college would generally be an acceptable substitute for APs. (Some British universities prefer you to have the former even if you do have the latter.)

    What subject do you want to do in the UK (and where)? What courses did you take this past year? What specific grades in the most closely related subjects to what you want to do now?
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  • cupcakecupcake 1688 replies15 threads Senior Member
    I agree with Conformist, and also think that if you choose a lower ranked UK uni, they will accept you whatever your grades to get your money. Overseas students pay more and effectively subsidise the UK/EU students. That's the business model. You are extremely unlikely to get any financial aid from a UK uni.

    Note that there is a difference between studying abroad for a period of time, with your final degree coming from your US college, and directly enrolling in a UK university. Which one do you want to do? Again, if you can pay I am sure you can find a study abroad program.
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