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University of Pennsylvania RD Class of 2021


Replies to: University of Pennsylvania RD Class of 2021

  • MoronicAcid17MoronicAcid17 Registered User Posts: 17 New Member
    @brisagarcia1998 Most of the people that I've seen who haven't gotten interviews have been accepted. However, I have seen a few that have been rejected or waitlisted without an interview. Good luck!
  • hgfedcbahgfedcba Registered User Posts: 32 Junior Member
    edited April 2017
    Hi, I've been accepted to Penn and have been chosen as a Penn World Scholar. What sort of benefits does being a Penn World Scholar provide? Will there be any financial benefits too? And what percentage of accepted students get to be a Penn World Scholar?

  • Penn95Penn95 Registered User Posts: 2,141 Senior Member
    edited April 2017
    @hgfedcba Congrats that is a great achievement, on top of the already great achievement of being admitted to Penn.

    Take a look at this:

    Yes there seem to be financial benefits. From the link above:

    "Penn World Scholars are selected based on exceptional leadership potential, academic achievement, financial need, and career plans.They receive financial support throughout their time at Penn, consistent with the most generous awards available to undergraduates."

    Last year there were 13 Penn World Scholars out of the 339 international students who enrolled at Penn. There might also be some Penn World Scholars that were accepted but decided to enroll to another school.
  • hgfedcbahgfedcba Registered User Posts: 32 Junior Member
    I've been accepted to Penn as a PWS and also to Princeton. I am not sure but i think i will major in STEM fields. And I've been given similar aid by both institutions. Which one should I attend? What are the pros and cons for each?
  • londondadlondondad Registered User Posts: 2,121 Senior Member
    Most people would view Princeton as the better school academically. Also, for undergraduate experience and campus setting, Princeton NJ beats downtown Philly hands down. Go to Princeton and don't look back! Good luck.
  • cookieloverboycookieloverboy Registered User Posts: 71 Junior Member
    I got an interview but was waitlisted :/
  • USUG21USUG21 Registered User Posts: 970 Member
    @cookieloverboy me too WL with interview. Any idea whts the chance this year for WL ppl.
  • Penn95Penn95 Registered User Posts: 2,141 Senior Member
    edited April 2017
    @londondad In terms of campus setting Princeton does not beat Penn, the opposite is probably true. Penn is a big (but not overwhelmingly big) city, but it has its own distinct campus. So you get both the offerings of a major city and a strong campus community. Princeton, NJ is a beautiful but incredibly boring little town where nothing happens. Penn is vibrant and fun. The Princeton campus is prettier but definitely sleepier and more boring. The social life at Penn is way better.

    Also yes Princeton overall is more prestigious than Penn, but it also depends on what one wants to study. One has access to research opportunities, classes and majors at Penn than do not exist in Princeton. Also people in Princeton cannot double major while Penn encourages interdisciplinary study and makes it easy for its students to do dual degrees, majors, minors etc.

    The answer is not as simple as you make it to be.

    @hgfedcba You should choose the one where you fit in best. What are you planning to study? That would also make a difference.
  • collegemomjamcollegemomjam Registered User Posts: 1,100 Senior Member
    I agree both schools are different and have their pros and cons. Penn is more pre-professional and I have always heard has a more balanced work/play atmosphere, but I have also heard the competition is steep and it can be stressful too.

    One of the reasons my daughter wanted nothing to do with Princeton, believe it or not, is that their finals are AFTER Christmas. Once she heard that, she had no interest in applying.

    You cannot go wrong with either choice. I would suggest going to whichever school felt more comfortable when you visited.

    Princeton is also commutable to NYC so if that is important to you for any reason, that's something else to consider. And also an easy ride to Philly. I personally do not love the area by Penn, but the campus itself is fine. Princeton is definitely more tranquil and pretty. And while it's further from a major city, walking to the shops and restaurants in Princeton is also a nice option. But I would imagine the work is quite challenging, but if you got in, they obviously think you can handle it.

    Not a bad problem to have....
  • londondadlondondad Registered User Posts: 2,121 Senior Member
    @penn95 - The point that I was trying to make is that Philly is just not a great city by East Coast standards (when one compares it to DC. NYC or Boston). You may have the advantage of being in a city, but it is just not a great city. Also, while the Penn campus is great, the area around the campus is very urban and very busy, compared to the fun areas of the other cities where Universities are located. Also, I really like Princeton, its campus and its surrounding area. Most freshmen tend to stay close to campus so the differences between downtown Philly and P'ton NJ would be negligible anyway for the first year or two.
  • collegemomjamcollegemomjam Registered User Posts: 1,100 Senior Member
    I agree with @londondad about Philly not being as nice of a city as DC, NYC, and Boston, and I've lived in all three.
  • Penn95Penn95 Registered User Posts: 2,141 Senior Member
    edited April 2017
    @londondad While I agree that Philly is not as nice as NYC, Boston and Philly, it still has many nice parts and great social offerings. As a freshman i did go downtown every now and then and it was nice to have the offerings of a major city in addition to a clearly defined campus. And most freshman do venture out to explore the city. Penn is urban but it is not like BU or NYU where it is lost in the city, its campus is clearly defined. Also since you mentioned Boston, Harvard is way busier and way more touristy than Penn.
    The difference would be far from negligible between Princeton and Philly. I agree that Princeton is prettier, it it is just way too boring for my taste.
  • connectionsconnections Registered User Posts: 1,327 Senior Member
    edited May 2017
    This is no doubt too late for the personal poster, but in case anyone is reading for the future I wanted to respond to @londondad. I don't know how he can assert an opinion as a fact. It's his opinion that Philly is 'just not a great city.'
    Not a fact.

    I've lived in Philly, NYC, and Boston.
    Each city has its own positives and negatives. In my opinion,Philly is a terrific city that has gotten far more cosmopolitan in the past 10 years. Business-wise it's growing by leaps and bounds, with many opportunities. Terrific restaurants, theatre, nightlife, museums, pretty parks, etc.

    Nothing matches NYC, but then again, not everyone would care to live in NYC due to its expense and its energy.

    My own opinion would be Penn hands down over Princeton because of the very thing you are touting-the town. I think the town is tiny, overpriced, very white/upper class. It has its charms, true, but for me it would be stifling to be there for 4 years. As far as getting into NYC, it's through NJ Transit, and would take about 1 hour, 15 minutes, not much shorter than the 1.5 hours from Philly.

    Of course this is just my opinion. Just as I would not ask someone where I should live based on *their* preferences, so I would not ask anyone where I should go to college based on their own personal preferences, not mine.

  • londondadlondondad Registered User Posts: 2,121 Senior Member
    @connections - Again, this is just my personal opinion (as well as most of my East Coast friends) but I would not consider Philly in the same league as the NY, DC and Boston. I agree that the Centre City area has gotten better recently but the city as a whole does not compare in business opportunities to the other 3. As an aside, I have two nieces who just moved from Philly to DC as, while they have okay careers, they find the social environment very provincial and lacking the influx of young professionals that you would find in NY or DC.

    One of the reasons for considering attending Uni in a large city (but not the only reason) is the opportunities to live and work there after graduation. I am just not aware of many major Philly employers that could tempt the typical Penn grad to stay after graduation. Therefore, since the average Penn or Princeton grad plans to leave that area anyway, Princeton would be a more pleasant place to spend four years.
  • Penn95Penn95 Registered User Posts: 2,141 Senior Member
    @londondad I get what you are saying but some people like living in a big city and taking advantage of the social, cultural opportunities of a major city. This is a very popular reason for going to college on a major city. So there are many people who would find it more pleasant living in Philly during their college years than Princeton.
    Regarding staying after graduation, some stay, the majority of them are working for Penn, but you are right most leave. But there are still perks. Most companies do have branches in Philly and many Penn students work part time there throughout the semester, or for their first summer internships during freshman or sophomore summer. Also in some cases people can interview in the philly branches for jobs even though their job won't be at Philly so they are spared the travel. These are just two perks I got myself.
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