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Strange situation for Calculus AB/BC

Godot17Godot17 236 replies8 threads Junior Member
Ok, I want to ask this here first hopefully for some tips before I probably have to call TCB about this.

So the situation is that I initially ordered the Calculus BC exam. Due to some personal conflicts with my school principle, I had to switch to AB. But the conflict was after my school's deadline, but I think it was before the official ordering deadline.

What I was told happened was that both exams were ordered but the unused exam fee was paid for the BC exam. So on exam day I of course took AB cal.

However, I asked my dad to call the services for my score, and unfortunately, he told me my Calculus score was not among the scores. What's more is that my Computer Science score was there, but I late-tested computer science! So now I'm worried that my situation might have had some sort of impact and I want to ask if anyone else has seen this or what I have to do or if it's nothing special that my score isn't in yet? I really need the Calculus score as that was the exam I had in priority and I was disappointed I couldn't get my score.
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Replies to: Strange situation for Calculus AB/BC

  • SableWarriorSableWarrior 77 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Why the hell wouldn't the principal let you take the BC exam?! Call the superintendent on his ass!
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  • Godot17Godot17 236 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Well, the personal conflict is kinda unrelated, but oh well:

    The thing is my principle keeps some sort of superiority complex for his school and refused to let me skip Calculus 1 with the fact in his face that someone did just that last year. I took THAT to the superintendent but then he intervened and allowed me the chance to be placed to cal 2 with a 5 on the ab exam just like the last kid. This got me ****ed so I registered for the BC exam to hopefully crumble his complexi. When he found out he did not accept my bargain and only allowed the ab exam to count. But this was after sone deadline which resulted in the school ordering both exams and me paying the unused exam fee for the BC exam.

    But my principle's lack of rationality is another topic.
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