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Precalculus AB

MyaPapayaMyaPapaya 1 replies1 threads New Member
My school offers precalculus AB and precalculus BC. If I take precalc AB during the summer, and then precalc BC during sophomore year, will colleges look down at this? Will I still get credit for both classes?
I want to be a neurologist, and College Board only recommends taking at least AP calculus AB. Will it be worth taking AP calculus BC?
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Replies to: Precalculus AB

  • RichInPittRichInPitt 2433 replies39 threads Senior Member
    How does your HS define those courses? There’s no such thing as a Precalcus AP course, so you won’t receive college credit for either of them. Two classes of PreCalc is out of the ordinary.

    I haven’t seen CB “recommend” a certain level of exams - where do you see that?

    In general, taking more advanced coursework, assuming you do well, will be advantageous.
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  • MyaPapayaMyaPapaya 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Thank you for commenting.

    My HS defines precalculus AB as the prerequisite for AP calculus AB. Precalc BC is the prereq for AP calc BC. BigFuture says AP calculus AB is a helpful high school course for a neuroscience college degree. https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/majors/biological-biomedical-sciences-neuroscience
    I was not aware that two precalc classes is unordinary. No wonder there was nothing on the internet regarding my situation.

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  • TheGoldenParadoxTheGoldenParadox 9 replies6 threads Junior Member
    It depends on how good you are, generally, at math. If you're already at precalculus as a rising sophomore, from my understanding of your courses, taking Precalculus BC directly seems more sensible, then take AP Calculus BC. There's really no point in taking two separate precalculus classes, and you'll probably be fine in Calculus as a junior.
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