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The "Bag A Week" Club


Replies to: The "Bag A Week" Club

  • VeryHappyVeryHappy 18725 replies328 threads Senior Member
    Well, I'm one of those anal nutjobs who alphabetize their spices. Yeah, really.

    They're lined up flat in a drawer, so I can see them when I open the drawer.
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  • alhalh 8508 replies48 threads Senior Member
    edited January 14
    My spices are lined up on a shelf at eye level in my walk-in pantry. Organized by type bottle/then alphabetized within the type bottle category.

    Sometimes I think about re-using/re-labelling bottles to get them all a consistent look, but not quite that bored yet.

    We pull out what we need for a recipe. I rearrange them correctly again during the clean-up.
    edited January 14
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  • colorado_momcolorado_mom 9230 replies83 threads Senior Member
    For spices, I have a few small plastic/metal baskets on one shelf in the cupboard. That way I can take down one (example - baking spices) to the counter and take out the ones I need. It's not an idea method, but I like being able to use the original container.
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  • 1214mom1214mom 4756 replies189 threads Senior Member
    I filled up much of our large recycling bin today. I got rid of a bunch of materials related to taking the PMP exam, way back in 2008 (so not particularly useful to anyone taking it now) plus some other work related materials. Also threw out a fair amount of stuff. I feel like I’m making progress, now that kids appear to truly be on their own, and I don’t need to save stuff for them. I told my son when we helped him move yesterday that he could do whatever he wanted with the stuff we moved from our home, but it was not allowed to come back.
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  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner 39652 replies471 threads Senior Member
    It was a productive weekend. Went through my shoe collection and found a few empty boxes... out they went. :) Added some clothes to the donation bag. Sorted through my painting supplies and tossed a few things.
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  • HouseChatteHouseChatte 922 replies2 threads Member
    Took a large corrugated box of new-condition toys and board games by Goodwill. Then took dogs for a quick walk in the park in gusting twenty-something weather, where they both went to the bathroom after saying "nope, all set" before we left home. So that's one box and TWO bags.
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  • HiToWaMomHiToWaMom 1431 replies17 threads Senior Member
    As I was reading this thread with renewed passion for purging, my H texted me saying, "So-and-so is on sale!! Do you want to get it?" "Oh so-and-so is also cheap! Should I get it for you?" I know he means well but really.... he is not helping.
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  • happymomof1happymomof1 29997 replies181 threads Senior Member
    Eliminated a bunch of stuff from the pantry today. I'm counting that as a medium-size box.
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  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner 39652 replies471 threads Senior Member
    Mr. is auditing a class... I am on a roll! Tossed some tchotchkes that I found sitting in a box. They will never see the light of day... out they went. :)
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  • cypresspatcypresspat 535 replies11 threads Member
    My husband is not getting this concept, at all. He is a sentimental keeper of all things with a memory attached to it.

    Today, I sold (on Facebook Marketplace) a gigantic wall unit (breaks into 3 pieces which took 4 people to carry each piece out). It held all of the stuff I used to run my consultancy. Most of the stuff I have in digital form, and the rest is no longer needed (I don’t give clients bound paper reports anymore). Once I cleaned it out a few months ago, he started putting stuff in it. Before removing it...I put all of that stuff on a coffee table.

    His response to that stuff was ‘I’ll go buy another piece to put that stuff in.’ No!!!!!! I forced him to go through the stuff and find anything really worth keeping. All we found was actually mine - the knitting patterns my mother used to make a bunch of things for my kids when they were little. Had her handwriting all over them. The rest....gone! We don’t need the bag from the jeweler for the ring he bought me for our 25th wedding anniversary!!!!! Or maps from our first trip abroad 20 years ago. Or the programs for every single school band performance for our 3 kids. Geesh!
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  • HoggirlHoggirl 1837 replies202 threads Senior Member
    @CountingDown @cypresspat

    Just want to say that I am sorry for your frustrations about spouses not helping, not truly being on board, not appreciating your efforts, and not seeing your overall vision of what you are trying to accomplish. While you have different issues that are inhibiting your forward progress, the end result is the same - they are making it hard for you to make forward progress!

    My only suggestion is to sit down with them (when you are not frustrated/angry) and try to communicate what you want to do, why you want to do it, and state that you would appreciate support - both in physical labor and/or verbal appreciation. Hopefully, they will at least listen respectfully. More hopefully, they will offer to help and follow through. However, I think the likely scenario (saying this gently) is that their behavior won’t really change. I’m truly sorry. I have a friend who has always said to me that you cannot change how someone behaves - you can only change how you react to their behavior. NOT what I (or anyone else) want to hear!!! Then you must decide if you are willing to keep going it on your own without their help/support.

    @CountingDown - can you hire someone to help you with the heavy lifting? My cousin did her big purge without her husband’s assistance, and then she hired a company called “College Hunks Moving Junk,” to haul items away after she had gone through everything and decided what she no longer wanted. If your husband isn’t on board with spending money in that way, would that spur him to be more helpful? Or maybe he would be supportive of your spending $ for some heavy lifting just so he doesn’t have to help??

    Spouses being on different pages about the process/desired outcome is the biggest stumbling block I see as people try to clean out. I was the one my husband had to turn around about holding onto things, so people *can* change their viewpoints. I read “Becoming Minimalist,” and it alerted my feelings about it. It took me a long time to come around, however. I will say, if the tables had been turned, my husband would have never read a book about minimizing clutter! He views anything I suggest as reading as my giving him “homework.” Ha ha!

    Good luck to both of you.
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