101 Reasons to Attend F&M

I copied this from the Johns Hopkins University forum and thought that the F&M forum could use one. I would also be interested in seeing a list of reasons why a prospective student should choose Franklin and Marshall College. As an admitted student, I’m still deciding so I too can greatly benefit from seeing these reasons laid out. Since I visited the campus, I’ll start off with #1.

  1. The housing system is unique and is very similar to Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series.
  1. All undergrads and smaller class sizes makes it easier to get to know your profs and to participate in research.
  2. Small campus means nothing is far away and you are always running into people you know.
  3. All college-owned housing means no landlord headaches or signing leases years ahead of time.
  1. Tons of dogs are walked through campus, including Tucker, a moderately famous, friendly, and gentle Great Dane :)
  1. No grad students so all classes and labs are taught by professors
  2. No grad students so you can do significant undergraduate research with professors
  3. Lancaster has a growing foodie scene
  4. Ability of non majors to participate in theater and music groups
  1. It’s in a nice sized city with a Wegmans, Whole Foods, Target, and more.
  2. Upper Class housing in the Lofts and Crossing apartments.
  3. Blue Line, Mean Cup, and Pine View Dairy when you need a break.
  4. Friendly professors who are very approachable outside of class.
  5. Good school spirit and successful sports teams.
  1. F&M Mens Lacrosse is a top 20 program with one of the nicest stadiums in all of D3. Very competitive, fun to watch team.