11th grade applicants

<p>Hey everybody! I'm applying to 11th grade and i was wondering if any of you were also applying and to where?</p>

<p>I'm applying to Loomis, Andover, Kent and Taft</p>


<p>applying for the 11th grade to exeter.</p>

<p>im applying for 11th grade at choate, pomfret and tabor</p>

<p>I hope we all get in!!</p>

<p>11th to Hotchkiss!!!</p>

<p>11th to Peddie.</p>

<p>11th to exeter, brooks, berkshire, nmh, and st. george's</p>

<p>Andover Hotchkiss Taft Peddie Hill NMH LFA</p>

<p>11th to Phillips Andover, Phillips Exeter, Choate Rosemary Hall, and St. Paul's. I hope we all get in!</p>

<p>11th to Exeter!!!
How'd you guys do??</p>

<p>11th to Peddie</p>

<p>waitlisted. So upset. I think they will reject me soon</p>

<p>Hey, come on now...keep those spirits up!! You have no reason to think that! 'Wait listed' means that they want to accept you, but they've just already accepted too many, so you should really be pleased with yourself if anything! Smile : )</p>

<p>11th to Andover, Middlesex, Deerfield, and Lawrenceville.
Waitlisted everywhere but Middlesex, where I was accepted (and received a letter saying I was one of the top 10 applicants!). Overall, I was happy.</p>

<p>11th to exeter, andover.</p>

<p>rejected by exeter, waitlisted by andover (which i feel ok with)</p>

<p>For those accepted or wait listed to 11th Grade and at least one of the TSAO schools, did you decide on PSAT or SSAT and if I may be so bold, what was your raw score and GPA in 9th/10th?</p>


<p>I was accepted to andover and exeter for 11th grade
I took both the PSAT and SSAT, 98% for both, although I didn't send in my PSAT (since I took it before I knew I was applying), but I don't know if my school did.
And I've had consistently As/A-s at a competitive prep school throughout 9th and 10th grade.</p>

<p>However, I've seen plenty of people with higher "stats" that I have get waitlisted, so I think a lot of it depends on the class need/essays/interviews/etc.</p>

<p>Wow...uh, well my PSAT score honestly wasn't that hot--I scored in the 88th percentile. Haha...now I'm really starting to wonder why Exeter accepted me...anyway... Just like fadedskyline, I do have consitant A's thus far throughout HS, but unlike them, I come from a below-the-radar public school.<br>
However, I believe that I had killer essays, an awesome interview, solid ecs, and I also showed a lot of interest in the school (Exeter). </p>

<p>But like fadedskyline said, 'it depends'...</p>

<p>eh. honestly i hate standardized testing.
I mean, I usually do fine on it, but I know so many kids who are WAY smarter than me who just can't do well on standardized tests, and it's so stupid cause they're so clearly BRILLIANT it's just, well, idk. but yeah.</p>

<p>11th - Accepted at Exeter, Regected to Andover</p>

<p>Yeaup...standardized testing DEFINITELY isn't for me. Oh yeah, if anyone's looking at all the statistical stuff, then I also was waitlisted at Deerfield and rejected at Lawrenceville.</p>