16 units first quarter?

<p>would it be to overwhelming to have 16 units the first quarter?</p>

<p>I would have to drop one of my 1 unit classes and it would leave me with this... </p>

<p>math 118-pre calc</p>

<p>fsn 125-into to food science</p>

<p>fsn 210-nutrition</p>

<p>es 112- race, culture, and politics in united states</p>

<p>or should I drop the idea of also tacking es 112?</p>

<p>the advisors in my department at soar told us to take 17 units.</p>

<p>I took 16 first quarter and had no problem with it. Very different classes to be sure, but it wasn't a problem for me.</p>

<p>NBrink^ My son has 15 units right now. MATE 110-01 and IME 130-02 which have labs. He has Calc 143, Econ 201 and Writing and Rhetoric. I know you have had some of these classes right? What do you think about this for the first quarter? Should he take another class? Are there very many with 2 units? Thanks!</p>

<p>I took ES 112 my first quarter freshman year. It is not too bad as far as work goes, so I think you could handle keeping it. The subject matter is not difficult to understand either. Math 118 is pre calc, which if you had in high school you should be more than fine with. The other 2 classes are GE/intro classes so I think you should be able to handle 16 units.</p>

<p>I took trig, that count as pre calc?</p>

That's a good load for first quarter, IME130 can take quite a bit of time for the homework if you don't have a feel for drafting. I'd keep those classes if I were him, maybe add a kine class to keep active or something.</p>

<p>One note, if the ECON teacher is Daniel Villegas, (who I had for econ first quarter) you might want to consider switching to something else. He's awful and somehow manages to get the book bill up to like $350 for that one class.</p>

<p>My S has a crazy schedule, but he has 15 hours in the engineering school, so we are happy. Any more would probably be too much for him first quarter.</p>

<p>Thank you NBrink. We have heard the same about the Econ teacher, but we haven't seen another Econ class available with a different teacher. My S wants to get it out of the way. I will tell him to try to see if there is anything else he could take. He has never done any drafting, so the IME class will be a new thing for him. I love that the 2 engineering classes are going to take a good deal of time, but they are only 3 units. Thanks for the advice and I will pass it along. I think the 15 units for first quarter is enough as well.</p>

<p>If he can't find a different teacher, I think I might still have his notes (which you are supposed to buy at $55 and can't sell back) and the iClicker (which is like $35) I'd be happy to pass along so long as I could get the iClicker back.</p>

<p>NBrink, my daughter is also in that Econ class and the notes would be great!</p>

<p>**NBrink had posted:</p>

<p>If he can't find a different teacher, I think I might still have his notes (which you are supposed to buy at $55 and can't sell back) and the iClicker (which is like $35) I'd be happy to pass along so long as I could get the iClicker back. **</p>

<p>Thanks NBrink! During SOAR my son signed up for his books at the bookstore to just keep it simple this first quarter. He typed in his schedule and the books and such will be boxed up for him and ready for pick up during WOW. Not sure if we can change that now. Maybe 2Leashes you should get them for your daughter.</p>

<p>Was the class hard or just boring and frustrating?<br>
Ant tips for my son for the IME class? Things he can do to be more ready?</p>

<p>Although I'm a student just entering Cal poly, I've looked up Villegas on polyratings(I'm signed up for Econ 201 first quarter too), the site in which students rate professors and such. Not sure if it is accurate, but it does paint a rather... well unlikeable picture.
Polyratings.com:</a> Villegas, Dan
^Here are the reviews I've seen and it doesn't sound very good.</p>

<p>If he's already signed up I'd be happy to pass them to who needs them (assuming I can find them, they are somewhere in the dark recesses of my car)</p>

<p>As far as Econ, it's boring, he has the most monotone voice ever, you are in a class with some 300 people, and all he does is read off the slides. You could completely avoid the class and pass the test with just a basic knowledge of economics, but there is a quiz every single day, so you are kind of stuck.</p>

<p>For IME, it really depends on the person, if he is spatially oriented and alright with a pencil, he'll be set. I never had any experience with drafting beforehand and I picked it up in nothing flat, but some people had real trouble with it. Wilson and Robinson are both excellent IME teachers, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either of them.</p>

<p>Thank you again NBrink. The quiz every day sounds like the teacher knows that students would skip his class if they could and just study the book. Very sneaky!</p>

<p>He has Willson for IME and it is good to hear that he is a good professor. Drafting will be new for him, but he was always good with drawing pictures that required measurements and using a ruler. He did work hard on those type of projects and they took lots of time.
Are you looking forward to your classes this year?</p>

<p>Yes and no really. I'm taking quite a bit of units (16? 17? I'd have to look it up), and it's stuff that's going to be a lot more work. But, that said, it's what I'm (and my parents) paying good money for, so no point in dreading it.</p>

<p>I hope that you have some good professors and enjoy some of the hard work and classes. I am sure your parents are proud of your efforts. It must feel good to have one year finished!</p>