18 credits next semester????

<p>I am debating taking 18 credits next semester and I have already completed the fall semester with 15 credits. Though, I keep telling myself you are already taking hard classes next semester for a freshman, but I can't stop debating about taking 18 credits or not. Currently, for next semester I am taking English 106, Eco 302, French 321, Math 109, and INS 201, but I would like to add a science class next semester as it is part of the requirements for my college. To note I am double majoring in Economics and International Studies. Please help me!!!!</p>

<p>How well did you do last semester? If you did well, (ie. a 3.7-4.0), I'd say go for it.</p>

<p>I'm gonna be doing the same thing, and figure that worst case scenario I can just drop a class :)</p>

<p>Merry Christmas!</p>

<p>My DS took 17 last semester and will be taking 17 this semester. Also a freshman, he is doing the Eng106, Spanish 214, Chem (whatever the 2nd semester is) plus lab, Calc 2 plus lab, and Econ. It can be done, but unless you are brilliant, will involve much studying and not much partying of that matters to you. My DS did not care about the partying. Some kids do.</p>

<p>My D is taking 19 credits, but also does not party.</p>

<p>Sorry for the late reply all. I've been busy very busy in fact with spring semester and now summer session one. Thank you very much for all your responses! Yeah I decided not to take the 18 credits at the time I mentioned instead I'll be taking 19 credits in the fall of my sophomore year: Calc 1, German 211, INS 202, Eco 442 and PSC 101 but I am still deciding between Chemistry 101 or PHY 110 (Descriptive Astronomy)...Oh decisions decisions.....</p>

<p>P.S last the upper level classes taking them as a freshman were terrific!!! If your motivated you can definitely do it.</p>