2 years associates or 3 years w/ bookkeeping?

Hello, I’m just about to enroll into some summer classes after being full-time employed. I am currently enrolled in community college and want to complete a bachelors in computer science and I can complete a transfer’s associates in 2 years. My question is, would it be a bad thing if I extended my associates to 3 years if I also wanted to complete a diploma in professional bookkeeping? I know it sounds bad, but it would give me lots of accounting classes which would be very useful to me as eventually I plan to be an entrepreneur. Also, I have lots of plans that would take effect in exactly 3 years. My company’s 401(k) is vested in 3 years and I will have 3 years of supervisor experience in 3 years which is a base requirement for many manager positions. I plan to do full-time college to finish of my bachelors and I don’t want to work during that time, so getting those 3 consecutive years of supervisor experience followed by a school interim is what I’m planning for. Any input that someone might have is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

There’s no rights or wrongs. I’m not sure a 401k vest at three years will bring a lot of money vs a year of a full time CS salary. But if you want to keep working, then go ahead.

Two or three years supervisor experience is great….both. I don’t think that makes a difference in most manager roles. One to two but likely not two to three.

In the end, it’s your life.

You’ve thought your path out and if you’re comfortable and can afford to live now and enjoy the path you are on, then that’s great.

If you want to do CS, do you plan to focus on financial type software ? Work for an Imtuit type organization?

Sounds like you are mature and will make the right decision for you.