2020-2021 - Has your college dancer started school?

I was curious to see who is back on campus and how things are going. The University of Utah is able to have some in-studio technique and pointe classes (as well as some other dance classes) and my daughter was so glad to be back in a studio after being out since early March. Physical distancing, masks during class, and several other protocols are in place. We’re all hoping dance classes can remain happening in person!

My daughter is a trainee for a company this year and they are in-studio with masks. Her college (Goucher) was to be in person, but they switched to 100% online last week. She’s on a gap year but we are keeping up with their response.

Mine is at Montclair and classes started Monday. They are in cohorts that meet every other week in person (virtually in off weeks) with a reduced number of classes in order to keep class sizes down. She is so happy to be back in the studio—even in a reduced capacity. Fingers crossed they can keep COVID at bay. 11 students were suspended over the weekend for gathering/partying and we’ve heard some of them were freshman dance majors! ?

Duke is having in person dance classes - also masked and limited size. The schedule was more limited than typical, but my D20 was excited to be back in the studio.

I have a friend with a dancer at Howard and she is having to do the semester virtually. They’re scrambling to set up a dance space currently.

My daughter will be starting at Grand Canyon University in AZ next week virtually and the 9/28 in person! Praying they can all stay healthy so they can get back to what they love to do:)

My DS began his classes today at Purchase. First he did a 2 week quarantine on campus since we live in a hot spot. Technique classes (ballet and modern) are in person. He said he has 11 students in his cohort. Social distancing and masks. I’m not sure if any of his other dance classes are in person or virtual. He was also very happy to get back into the studio. Fingers crossed all goes well this semester for all our dancers!

My daughter’s “pod” went virtual for a day while they waited for someone in their pod’s test results. That person had been in contact with someone who had tested positive, but thankfully her test came back negative and they were back in the studios Monday. I appreciate that the department is staying on top of things while also trying to bring dancers back to the studios.

My daughter just told me that dance majors are being proactively tested everyday two weeks, at the end of their in-person weeks (which end on a Thursday). This way, if anyone is positive and they have to isolate, it will be during a virtual week.

moved our daughter in to her sorority house last Friday. Classes started this Tuesday. All classes are online, including dance. One of her sorority sisters is also a dance major so they have grabbed space in the large first floor. It is a lot bigger than my daughter’s bedroom!

She is glad to be at school and with sisters and dance friends but sad because she was supposed to be dancing in London this fall. Hoping Spring is in person.

My daughter just finished her first week of classes at Point Park. They are all in person. They are in smaller groups and wear masks.

The BFA program at Virginia Commonwealth University has ballet, ballet lab and improv half of the time in-person (2 days a week for ballet and 1 day a week for improv). Modern was all virtual for the first 7 weeks of the semester and is now switching to in-person, however I don’t know to what extent. Dance History is virtual.