2020 New Product Costco Thread

I was joking to my family the other day that if Costco doesn’t sell it, I won’t be owning it for awhile. It’s sort of true! I’m been very much limiting my shopping venues since March. I sent my girls a picture of me wearing a skort and a linen like white hooded pullover - both purchased total under $20 - my caption was, “I’m doing my clothes shopping at Costco now too!”

While that may be a bit of stretch, we have had Costco threads on CC before. The last has been retired for quite a while. Thought I’d start a thread for NEW Costco products or at least very NEW TO YOU products.

Most of us probably don’t need to hear a run down of everything you buy at Costco or be told that produce is generally a bargain there. But how about we post new items we see, try - and whether you give it a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Two new products that I bought last week and will buy again:

Raspberry Crumble Cookies. OMG. Had to give more than 1/2 of them away or I would have eventually eaten them all. Find them in the bakery area. A large cookie - buttery shortbread like on the outside with a raspberry/powdered sugar middle.

Lemon Chicken Piccata With Cauliflower Rice. Frozen foods. 6 individual packets are in the box. I paid just under $10. Thought this would make a good quick lunch home or at work or a quick dinner on my own at home. I haven’t tried it yet. It’s featured in this article: https://www.tasteofhome.com/article/healthy-costco-frozen-food/

I like cauliflower rice and find it perfectly exchangeable and preferred over rice.

I posted before that whoever invented cauliflower rice should be shot, it tastes like grass…but one could easily remove the first 2 letters lol.

BUT I LOVE Costco so I like this thread idea. I went today and lo and behold I found nitrile gloves!!!

As far as new product, does “new to me count” ? I saw the Korean BBQ marinated beef, picked up a tray for around $20. Will have it for dinner on the real jasmine rice and kimchi

^^^ I love that Korean BBQ beef - in the prepared foods, right? But H for whatever reason (PICKY) didn’t like it - def can’t buy it unless I have others to share it with!

While I can’t control the thread, I would say YES, “new to me” counts. What I was avoiding was a “these are all the things I buy at Costco” thread. Was just trying to highlight individual items.

Some items are regional too. And that can’t be helped!

New to me was the fresh pork carnitas. Big double shrink wrapped cooked pork just lightly seasoned. Made a delicious base for bbq, too. I had not shopped much of their prepared foods before. It came as an unintended substitute for one of my delivery orders. Now it will stay on the list.

When I went to Costco Friday, I found mason bee nesting boxes. I hadn’t noticed them before, and I think one will make a great Father’s Day gift for my husband, who likes to garden.

My deck is loaded with planters made by New England Arbors - all from Costco. Alas, I was not the only one who liked them. All gone now. As is the two-person inflatable kayak we got from Costco online. :slight_smile:

^^^ The planters here seem to change from year to year - but all get scooped up!

D19 and I recently tried those egg wraps with cauliflower, seen in post #1’s tasteofhome link. Neither one of us can recommend them, they are just too leathery with a weird flavor. Too bad, such a good idea!

I would be just so happy if Costco

  1. Made an effort to reduce needless packaging. I hate that I have to use the Jaws of Life to get through it. And I hate that we’re creating tons of waste for tiny amounts of product.

  2. Had air-chilled chicken. I don’t even care if it’s organic, but air-chilled has much better texture.

I just wish they had curbside!

Fever Tree Ginger Beer - I am not a soda drinker; I don’t think I’ve had, bought or ordered a soda in 20+ years, but, I bought these on a whim (H is diabetic and I thought it was a good soda alternative) Wow! They are soooooo good - I hope H doesn’t need them any time soon, lol!

Jackfruit and dragonfruit! Also, rambutans. We are eating like we are on a tropical vacation. :slight_smile:

I really like the weatherproof ladies pants—technical pants with generous front and Back pockets! Liked them so much I bought 2 pairs! I think they’ll be great for travel and will dry quickly after washing.

D bought some salty crispy whole mushrooms (eaten like potato chips but hopefully healthier).

I wasn’t sure where I should post this but I just bought the Charisma bath mats based on a recommendation on the Random Questions thread. They are super thick and feel great under my feet. I also bought the Charisma towels at $5 each. They are also thick and fluffy.

I recently purchased pulled chicken. It was on special, and extremely inexpensive, but plenty of time before due date. I divided & froze most. OMG. Incredible! Tried to find it again, and found something similar but 4x the cost.

During the first few weeks of the SAH orders, Costco must not have been selling the normal number of cooked rotisserie chickens so were also selling the whole, uncooked chickens for $3.99. I grabbed one that weighed over 6 pounds, so that’s not much more than $.50 a pound for a whole chicken, which is a great price.

I wish they’d offer those $3.99 uncooked chickens again, but haven’t seen them before or since then.

I am sure it is good, but it is still a soda sugar wise. 20g in less than 7 ounces? I make my own ginger beer so I can’t see anyone calling it diabetic friendly? It is made with sugar.

I was able to snag 2 whole chickens at a Costco for $.59/lb. also bought 4 packs of 1.67 lb ground turkey @$9.99 (reduced from reg $19.99).

I love the oranges—often about $1/lb… The Cara Cara’s are fabulous but a short season. Am now enjoying the navel oranges.

We are 2 hrs from Costco. So, while SAH and now we have done lot of shipping and experimenting.

Cranberries (huge bag) refrigerate after opening. I keep it in the freezer and get a handful every morning with cereal.

Frutto D’Italia pitted green olives from Sicily. Bought on a whim. Great tasting. They are one oz snack packs we use in cooking.

La Dolce Vita classic italian biscotti are addicting and not too sweet or hard.