2020 transfer to UCLA (2022 graduation)

Okay so I’m getting told a mix bag of info! Since things are opening up (I think today June 15th actually) will Fall 2021 be in person? I’ve heard that it’s probably only going to be for certain majors. I think they should honestly make exceptions for transfer students :confused: it’s my last year of the school and I cannot really say I’m a true Bruin as I haven’t even experienced 60% of what college offers which is networking and campus life.

It will be a mix but there will be more in person classes than remote classes.

According to UCLA’s web page on returning to campus, about 80% of classes will be held in-person. There’s a good chance your classes will be in-person or online with in-person discussion sections.

Hey, I was having the same issue. But I downloaded this app called theDorm APP and I was able to make a few friends from there! I’ve also met cool people who aren’t transfers too just so I have a few friends!