2021-2022 USC Transfer

sorry is this has been asked before but is it possible for spring admits to sign up for housing right now.

No, you will get info on when portal opens for that sometime in fall. You can call housing and ask when that is if you’d like. They are super nice there.


Hey @CADREAMIN, did you get a chance to check out my chance me page? I posted it yesterday.

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I would guess yeah, but once your unofficial/official ones are available send them too

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I’m fairly certain that I’m not the only person having an issue trying to navigate throughout myUSC & Blackboard trying to figure out what exactly are the next steps into successfully registering for USC.

Does anyone happen to have an idea as to what the next steps for us who have committed to USC are?

I understand that enrolling for Orientation is one of them, as well as applying for housing (highly likely we don’t get any options), and setting up our USC Gmail…but what then?

On Blackboard I see a bunch of modules filled with information on schools for like Marshall, SCA, Dornslife, etc…But do those apply to me as an Annenberg Major? Same thing with the placement exams, do I need to take them or should I wait for my transfer audit?

If anyone can help me navigate through this all, I’ll PayPal you $5. Get yourself a Wendy’s 4 for $4.

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Actually you don’t have anything to do but register for orientation and wait for your TCR to update. Blackboard is for class stuff, just ignore that for now. After the all the angst of getting accepted it feels weird to just accept then only have orientation and housing to fill out, but that’s really it.

You should be going through the class schedule for fall and get idea of what you need to take…some classes that are full will have spots at orientation, so make a plan A and plan B classes - sorta work out your 2-3 year plan (whichever). The more you are familiar with classes and when they are offered, the better come registration time. You can look at past schedules as well, as some classes are only offered fall versus spring.

I remember one of my freshman admits had her 4 year plan figured out within 2 days of acceptance…however since she changed her majors 5 times in the first year or two, it required a lot of updates!

And get yourself a Wendy’s Biggie Bag for the 5 bucks. :grin:


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Thank you so much for the help over the past few months, you’re the best!


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If you can get into Blackboard there should be “2021_op_101_op00004: Orientation Programs - Welcome Trojans Summer 2021” under courses. Click into it. On the left should be list of clickable items. You need to complete your pre-registration checklist prior to registering for classes. The list also covers placement exams and if you need to take them. Go through EVERYTHING. It’s extensive so I’m not sure how long it will take.

I’m not sure if you’ve registered for orientation yet but you can do that through the orientation site.


The pre-reg checklist is under blackboard? Not sure why it is hidden in there…used to be with the orientation info and they sent an email with it. Hopefully they still do that. :slight_smile:

Good info!

From what my daughter showed me it’s not in the email specifically but there is now a walkthrough on the orientation website that directs you to Blackboard.

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I did all the leg work for you.

I’m a Communication fall 2021 admit at Annenberg, too.

I freaked about the series of placement tests it automatically prompts you to take.

Obvs English would have been a breeze, but I already took stats before applying so I was confused why I’d need to take a math placement test. I was concerned I’d need to study before hand and reached out to admissions to clarify and they said those don’t apply to us if we’ve already completed our Core Literacies.

You do need to reach out to the language center if you haven’t tested out for the third level of a language yet.

But I’m actually pretty stoked to take French 3 at USC, tbh :tipping_hand_woman:

Hoping some decisions happen today

has anyone heard anything today? nothing on my end ://

I haven’t reached out yet about my Level 3 Language, I’ll prob do that tomorrow.

I was pretty overwhelmed by all the placement exams and modules it was telling us to look over without any direction as to what was next but luckily enough the people on CC are extremely helpful.

I have been out of school over the past year due to COVID so I hope it doesn’t take me too long to get acclimated again to college course work but I’m sure I’ll be fine.

Congrats on Annenberg! I’m excited about being in the Media Center, it looks so sick. See you on campus dude!

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