2021-2022 USC Transfer


I’m so excited and simultaneously terrified bc of how many mega intellectual ppl we’ll be working with :sweat_smile: lol

And yes, hopefully we get to cross paths!

My SGR vanished yesterday


Does anyone know how long it takes for the TCR to be finalized? I can see my report in Oasis, but it doesn’t look finalized.

I heard someone on here (a previous student) that got it a couple days before orientation!

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Ok thanks!

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Yes they are slow. Registrar is weakest link in chain at USC. As a student all the other departments hum along. Registrar not so much. Need a change there, have for years.


anyone know how long it takes after you turn in spring grades?

If you’re super super lucky, it could be a few weeks. But they do basically have until your orientation date to get it done. My orientation date was 12/7/15 and they were done with my TCR on 12/2/15, so they cut it pretty close with me.

By orientation, so you mean the Trojan 101/102? or registration?

Yes, orientation when you register for classes. Their goal is to have your TCR done by then. It’s a rather long wait for a lot of people. Some lucky ones hear sooner, but it’s almost a guaranteed long wait. They emailed me when it was done. I’m not sure if they still do that though.

Ok thanks! My registration is on 7/28. So I’ll wait until then. Thanks!

Guys, I’m admitted to fall, how is everyone finding out registration and orientation? I’m so confused, no one in my household went to college before and I don’t know what to do. I submitted my housing request and financial aid is all done, but what now? :cold_sweat:

Go here : Admitted Students

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Hey guys - have you all found a couple sites to look for roommates? I know there’s a Facebook group, any others you have stumbled on?

any results today? nothing on my end ://

Marshall, spring admit. SGR 5:17pm


I GOT IN! email notification at 8:20pm! I’m legacy and ttp, submitted sgr on may 4th! 3.86 GPA from a 4 year university. Fall 2021 and Marshall!


YAY! Congrats!!

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For those curious I have a 4.0 legacy. Non-TTP Submitted grades May 8th


I have mainly been reaching out through the Facebook groups and the transfer Instagram pages, but other than that I haven’t had much luck