2021-2022 USC Transfer

Yeah hopefully USC has most of their decisions done by then


I agree wholeheartedly… I’m hoping we start seeing non-ttpers getting any kind of response sooner rather than later… I really need to hear back as soon as I can so I can plan accordingly with my va (veteran administration) counselor about alternative plans if in the unfortunate event I cannot continue on with my educational goals this fall… i am stuck between a rock (the fact I cannot go back working a job I did in the military for 15 plus years due to medical reasons) and a hard place (pursuing the education plan that is pretty specific and not offered at other colleges) I will have to do a lot of reflecting in the next coming month if it does not workout for me… fingers crossed that everything will just work out with the acceptance. :crossed_fingers:t4::yellow_heart::heart:


has anyone applied to dornsife for second choice? i am getting anxiety for my dornsife supplemental essay and idk how to feel about it. I have a competitive gpa, just worried that the essay will drop my chances… :confounded:

I applied to Dornsife for my second choice major but I put Dornsife undecided and I didn’t have to write an essay for that.

Really? I really hope those long nights and harsh working hours paid off! I got a 4.0 when I applied.

Also by any chance could you tell me when you submitted your application? I know it doesnt matter but i’m just extremely curious.

Wait so we could get our financial aid decision before our actual decision? because it says they release them early may… on fast portal

That’s what I mean! They just say that the latest would be May 31st would be when applicants hear about their decision. It just doesn’t make sense to me personally

It may mean that most applicants will get their decision before May? People may have different amounts of aid given to them from the University

imagine going through the entire month of April and June AND may for a single decision wow rip

Lol if it is an acceptance that is worth it. 3 months for a rejection is wild

Hi I’m a non TTP applicant. Can someone explain how TTP works? Are TTP applicants basically guaranteed admission? Sorry I don’t know too much about it!

Hey guys! I’m an international student waiting for my results for USC. I was accepted to a few other schools and some require I put my deposit on May 1. I heard that I’m not allowed to double-deposit and I’m worried the results from USC might not come out before the date and I would choose USC over the schools I got accepted to. Any suggestions on what i should do?

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Hey first of all congrats on ur acceptances. So i would suggest that u shortlist the universities that gave u an offer and then ask them for extensions. They give extensions very easily it isnt a problem

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I am a non-TTP applicant. I applied to the USC School of Cinematic Arts for Film Production and I just received an interview request for next week.


Double deposit isn’t an issue for transfers. You would just lose deposit money if you don’t have extension. If you deposit at one school then get into another, you just commit to new school (get that locked in) then withdraw from other one. It’s exactly what a student does on a waitlist as a freshman. The double deposit rule is not hard and faster d frankly, more aimed at freshman admissions so people don’t lock up spots at schools.

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Just wondering, do TTPers with legacy have more advantage over those with just TTP?


Hi! They like to say it’s not guaranteed but just priority or extra guidance to transferring sooner. Basically in your rejection letter some people get offered it and they get to meet with a counselor from usc over the summer to help guide them with their classes at a community college or study abroad. If you maintain a certain gpa and units they decide if you get fall or spring admission for your sophomore year. I’m not sure if any ttpers have been rejected but I think only if they don’t maintain their gpa that’s a possibility. The application process is still the same and also nerve-racking!


Did u guys receive an email about the SGR or u guys keep checking the portal?