2021 Spring Academic Calendars

How many of you have seen spring academic calendars posted? D’s school has already put forth their spring calendar and it looks like they are doing the same thing as this fall. There will be no spring break and the semester will be shortened. That seems to suggest sports may be off the table again and other possible limitations staying in place.

Purdue has the full year schedule published, but the Spring looks no different than past Springs. There’s no “ Face-to-Face Instruction ends” as there is this fall, at Tgiving break. I suspect a regular in-person schedule is the current default plan and there’s a decision date in the future to re-evaluate.

Duke changed theirs earlier this summer – starting a week later and no spring break.

@mom1720 It sounds like Duke is also planning on a similar experience as this semester.

My daughter’s isn’t even coming out until probably Nov or Dec. However we have been told they won’t be going back until at least Feb. This semester the finals for semester are right after Thanksgiving so basically a 2 month break. I wouldn’t be surprised if they take away breaks.

@momtogirls2 Is it a larger school or a smaller school?

small I think 4000-5000 undergrads, not sure about grads

It seems like some schools are already considering that campus restrictions won’t be changing any time this year.

Kenyon (about 1700 students) published theirs at the same time as their fall schedule, but with the caveat that it could be adjusted.
Right now they are giving kids a huge winter break. 1st semester ends a week before Xmas, and 2nd semester starts February 4th. They are doing the same thing next spring that they’re doing this fall in going straight through the semester w/ no breaks. So the long break b/w semesters makes sense.
They should be done w/ finals around the 21st of May, which is about a week or so later than normal.

Simmons University just amended their spring calendar. Start date pushed back to Feb. 1, spring break shortened to a 4 day weekend, and classes extend a week or so later into May. No decision on whether semester will be in-person or virtual, but these changes make me think they’re striving for a return to campus (they are remote this semester).

@DeeCee36 That is the model that many of the smaller LACs have put in place this semester to be able to bring kids back on campus and have at least some of the classes in person. Compact the semester, cancel breaks and keep the kids on campus in a bubble. Of course there has been a tremendous amount of testing and other Covid protocols as well in order to make it work. Hopefully Simmons can get there as well.

An updated Purdue calendar is now out. Start the Tuesday after the MLK weekend, eight days later than previously planned.

No Spring Break - three single off days, spread throughout the semester.

Class end date, finals week, and commencement dates unchanged.

A full remote option is again offered.

Brown posted their calendar for the 2020-21 AY early in the Summer (around when their COVID-19 plans were published.) With the three semester model, there’s ~1 week less of instruction, a remote final exam period for all 3 semesters, and for the Spring and Summer, ~2 weeks of break between Spring/Summer and Summer/Fall 2021.

Yale has announced theirs. Start Feb.1, no spring break but days off throughout the term.

Notre Dame has extended winter break. Finals are done before Thanksgiving. They will not return to campus until early February. No Spring Break, Spring semester done by mid May.

Arizona State has made no announcements about changes. They did announce that students will not return to campus for the two weeks of academics after Thanksgiving. They are scheduled to return to campus January 11.