2023-2024 USC Transfer

I created a discord for 2023 - 2024 USC Transfers linked below!

Do everyone got the email regarding the" Transfer Self-Reporting Tool for USC applicants"


It said I was 1 step closer to a decision after submission…

I got it and filled it out. seems like a more organized way to submit your classes n stuff rather than the google doc.

Yep everyone gets the email. If you haven’t gotten it try checking your spam folder.

I am assuming it says that because they are just testing it out this year and it will actually be required in the following years. Hence those who do it in following years will be a step closer to a decision after submitting it.

we filled it out for the past 3 years and all 3 were rejected even after appeals for 2years each. Since 4th one got TTP and is abroad, expecting she will get in w/o SGR since she did 15 transferable units in highschool, 24 summer after and 27 in fall w/ overall 3.7.

Does anyone know if USC will accept an updated transcript? My school offers late-start classes that began on March 20 which is a month after I submitted my application. I decided to take one for a recommended major class but it won’t show on the transcript I submitted back in February.

I would contact them for something like this, but I’m sure they’d accept it.

Definitely. Can’t you upload it to your portal? Regardless, you should also send it to your advisor and let them know you took that class.

Okay, thanks. I talked to an advisor about it and she said it was okay so I just submitted a new one the same way as the original through Parchment.

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