2023-2024 USC Transfer

Welcome USC Trojan transfer hopefuls! This is a new thread for those who will turn in their app by Feb 2023 in order to commit (fingers crossed!) to USC for fall 2023 or Spring 2024.

Transferring is such a long process at USC and posters can really get to know each other - this thread tends to be very supportive - it’s collaborative like USC! Past successful transfers often chime in to share what they experienced. It’s exciting to see so many successful in their quest to transfer! We have seen friendships and future room mates formed on this thread. :slight_smile:

I would suggest reading through past threads for some good info. You can search 2022-2023 USC Transfer - or earlier years as well, we use the same naming format each year so they are easy to find.

2022-2023 USC Transfer

USC has a ton of great info on the transfer process on the website, please get familiar with it and all of the links it provides.

USC Transfer

The transfer guide is amazing and has everything you need to know - including a worksheet that tells you which pre-reqs are required for your major. Follow those requirements and keep up the grades.

USC Transfer Guide

Go through everything they have there - it’s really helpful and answers so many questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your assigned admissions advisor with questions that can’t be found online; establishing a relationship with them can be a good thing.

Find Your Counselor

Good luck to you all!

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TTP abroad is now 3.7 so students there are nervous wrecks.

is anyone else doing viterbi pathways?

Is Viterbi Pathways just for applicants from a community college?

I have a family member who will be applying to transfer, but he is coming from a top 50 state flagship (in another state).

Also, is campus housing available for transfers?

Is anyone trying to get into Marshall as a sophomore transfer?

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Not sure if Viterbi Pathways is for CC applicants, but from my understanding, campus housing is available for transfer, but most transfers won’t get housing. You’d have to get pretty lucky to get housing as a transfer, as far as I know.

I accidentally called USC the university of california at one point in my essay; should i reach out to avert any confusion???

It looks pretty bad that you called them by a different school name, but it doesn’t hurt to reach out to them and let them know your mistake.

Is there a forum where 2023-2024 USC transfers can share their stats/ecs/etc.?


i was thinking i wasnt going to reach out; i feel like it might be worse to draw attention to it? its a pretty big flub but i only do it once and my essay is super specific to usc so its not like i copy and pasted. ugh idk

Yeah, maybe you’re right. It might be better to leave it as is and hope they skim past it while reading. Sorry to say, but nothing you can really do about it atp. I hope the best for you, though.

Do not contact them. Nothing to say really. It’s an oops. Calling it out won’t help. They may read past it and even if noticed, if your essay is USC specific as you mentioned, it will be fine. You wouldn’t be the first.

Is there a place in the application to note TTP designation?

anyone who was invited to participate is allowed to do it, i heard it’s supposed to give you a higher chance of getting in but my grades were really ■■■■ so

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Hi y’all!

Submitted my app like 2 hours ago. Im really nervous cuz I fall on the less competitive end compared to previous USC transfer acceptance stats I read on here. Hoping I can use this thread as a vent and camaraderie situation:))

They know you are TTP if so. There’s no place to check a box (unless something changed), but if you want to mention it in an essay it could be done there, but not necessary.

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Hi! Is there a discord yet?


Not that I know of

My son is currently attending Saddleback College in Orange County. He is about to finish up AS in Computer Science (CS) with GPA 4.0. I really hope that he can transfer to USC for CS or CSE, and wonder what are his chances of transferring to USC for CS or CSE. Any insight would be much appreciated.