2024 Athlete Ivy pre-read response?

Any one with a 2024 recruit hear back from Admissions yet for the pre-read? It’s been a little over week (last Saturday) since our DS submitted the Penn Student Athlete Info form. Heard it usually takes only a few days? :person_shrugging:t4: Thanks.

I’m pretty sure the NESCAC schools delayed their pre-reads. I’m not sure if the Ivies did as well. I know one high academic school my D24 submitted for a pre-read told her they had delayed pre-reads for another 3 weeks.

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Still waiting. The coach submitted whatever there is to submit for us - we didn’t do anything. Coach is “not worried at all” because to even make a verbal offer (which they did in the spring; S24 accepted) his transcripts and test scores were already submitted for a pre -pre read. For the official pre-read, hey did need to send his second semester grades, which were in line with his previous grades, and they wanted his senior year schedule, and additional test scores. Our ivy is not test optional for athletes (but they are officially test optional for everyone else).


Meaning the pre-read is not TO? My understanding is that pre-read results will advise wether or not submit scores.

TBH, I am not sure. We were told to submit test scores before the pre-read, as were other recruits in our sport. I know that each sport has to have a test score average, so I am not sure how they work that? I know that my kid’s test score was “good enough” but they keep wanting him to take and see if he can get higher, as it improves the team average.

I also was told that this policy was just changed this year since the COVID policies went into effect (2019-2023) - sounds like it was more how things used to work pre-covid.

Sounds like they may be trying to institute AI back to its former glory. I still haven’t gotten a clear picture of how they are treating it. Each coach gives a different vague answer.

If your kid gets a higher score, the coach has the flexibility of getting someone else with a lower one since they can’t dip billow a certain number.

I’m curious - what is an ACT minimum that Ivy’s or NESCACs look for in a pre-read?

No idea. Usually the better you are the lower your score can be to a certain extent. I know of someone with a 24 (applied TO) but also know a top athlete that was suggest to clear 1450 - this was early on and I think the generic line. It also depends on the sport, with some sports being used to push the overall athletic average up.

According to class survey 50% of athletes at Princeton applied TO last year, most of whom reported scores of bellow 1400.

The academic bar at NESCACs tends to be significantly higher, though it may not apply to tests specifically.

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Ha! That is what we keep telling our kid as he groans to gear up for a last round of tests before ED apps: “It can only make your team better”. I think they must be hedging bets about what happens between verbal commits, official pre-reads, and early admissions decisions, as his sport’s 24 class is fully recruited but it’s all verbal commitments at this point of course, so anything can really happen. Especially at a school with no athletic or academic scholarships . We still have coaches of other schools asking my kid to give them a call if “anything changes”, which is to be expected.

I agree, though this is my first and only experience with Ivy recruiting, it sounds like what I read had been previously done. But with the 4 different Ivy schools that recruited him, it seemed each one had a different policy, but of course we did not go as far to pre-reads with the others.

It seems to me that it is very dependent on the school, the sport, and how badly the school wants/ needs the athlete . I did get the sense that there was a “floor” but IDK what that would be.


I would agree. Very good summary.
IMO it also depends on the athletes that the coach is recruiting that particular year as the coach as a limited # of Likely Letters for the Ivy’s or slots for NESCAC. If there are several similar strong top athletes that also have very strong academics, they may edge out the athlete with the lower scores as it is easier to get them thru the AO, where as the next year the coach’s top recruits may not be as strong academically so they may have a better shot academically of edging out someone else.
It’s been a few years so I am not sure how the AI is currently used or not used in the Ivy’s though if you go by the formula, it may give you a sense of lower scores.


Sounds like you are in a good position since the coach is not worried and made you a verbal offer! This sounds like they may be getting things in order as you approach the final step to ask you to officially commit/apply and receive a Likely Letter.
For what it is worth, it was not soccer but when our kid committed to an Ivy it was not until early Oct. after all official visits completed. We had narrowed it down by then but were still deciding between a couple of Ivy’s + a top non-Ivy.


In my experience, Ivy pre-reads aren’t necessarily treated by coaches as a significant event requiring urgent communication to recruits. It’s more an administrative step they need to take. Probably varies by coach and recruit but it’s not the major event that it seems to be for NESCAC recruits.

So I wouldn’t worry too much if communication of results from coaches isn’t fast. I’ve known recruits who had OVs scheduled and had to double check with the coach in Sept to make sure the pre-read was okay; turned out it was fine and viewed as not really worth mentioning.


That’s what coach told our S24 – hold off on submitting test scores unless AO requests it for the team. As of now, coach has submitted junior transcript, senior courses, detailed sports resume (teams + recognitions). Maybe it is perfunctory, but it would make things a little less stressful if we got green light from AO to proceed! :slight_smile:

That is our experience as well with Ivy’s and NESCAC.
With the Ivy, there was very little to almost no pre-read discussion. More about what happens when ready to commit, apply and Likely Letter.

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In case my replies were confusing, to clarify, S24’s sport is NOT soccer, in case anyone reading this thinks what I am saying applies to soccer.

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Oh, ok-had the OP @SoccerMom24 on my mind, which I assume is soccer.
I don’t have any 1st hand experience with coaches making a verbal early offer in Ivy’s, though I hear it happens, even though admittance may still be up in the air for recruits.

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@recruitparent – yep, soccer. Coach made offer to our S24 in the spring. We thought it was very early too, but coach said not for him or for many Ivies. :person_shrugging:t4: Our son’s final junior grades/GPA were unchanged or better than initial pre-reads, but it seems like AO still must give their recommendation (yes/maybe/no) on the most recent info provided. This is our only experience so just going by what we hear and read.

All of the pre-reads (highly selective, not Ivy) that my athlete has done were test preferential except one, which required test scores as part of the pre-read. He had the scores, so he submitted them.

Women’s lacrosse players routinely announce commitments to Ivies early Jr year.


Spring of Junior year is not early for D1, even Ivies for men’s soccer. Your son is right on track!