2024 Senior Unsure about Basketball Recruiting Process

Hi all! I’m a rising senior and would love to play basketball at the next level. I’m a 6’2 F and have a 3.8 unweighted gpa. I’ve been told that I have the potential to play low D1, D2, and D3 but I’m not sure how to start the process. My high school’s basketball program isn’t really well connected to colleges as it’s not a top program in California and we’re D3. It also opened in 2013 so it’s fairly new. We did win league last year which was the first time Girl’s Basketball at my school ever won anything. I won league MVP and made 1st team all league as well as MVP for my school’s program. I also have other awards throughout my high school basketball career. This past summer I played my first and last time on an AAU Team but failed to get recognition since the team I was on is new and the program wasn’t as developed. I’ve done research on recruiting services such as NCSA and University Athlete but I’m not sure if that’s the next step for me to take or if I should email coaches on my own. I’m honestly just lost and would love some assistance/advice.

Stay away from NCSA. Yes you need to be emailing coaches on your own, and ASAP. Fill out recruiting questionnaires followed by an intro email. Make sure subject has name, class, height, stat (whatever that is for BB - not my sport). Include video. Most recruiting is probably done by now so be flexible and cast a very wide net.

Self marketing is a big part of recruiting. At least to get in the door.


Do not pay for a recruiting service. You need to cast a very wide net and be very proactive as you are behind schedule right now.

Begin by identifying schools that fit both academically and athletically. All levels (D1, D2, D3, NAIA, Juco). A lot of the D1 schools may be done with the 24s so don’t focus exclusively there. Start with a large number of schools as it will narrow down based on the replies. Fill out questionnaires at each school and start emailing coaches. If you have film to share, do that.

Don’t delay. Get started today if possible.


D1 recruiting has been done for a while, except perhaps Patriot League - reach out to coaches with GPA, examples of rigor (APs, IB/DE, FL&math level reached senior year…), athletic stats, and a video. Subject line: 6’2 power fwd rising senior, 3.8 GPA
Do you know your EFC and can your parents afford it?
What do you want to major in?
D3 colleges do not offer athletic scholarships but can offer fantastic need-based aid, especially if your family makes 125k or less.
Run the Net Price Calculator on a few D3 colleges (for example, Whitman, Franklin&Marshall, Bates, Denison ?)


Check out the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference, D1

Maybe the Atlantic 10.

Hard to say with transfer portal.
There are a couple blogs that track commits, transfers, and coaching changes.

Did you play in tournaments against others who have announced a commitment? Maybe can piggyback off of schools they considered.

What about the West Coast Conference, schools like Pepperdine.

Or Mountain West or Big Sky.