2025 Admissions

Thank you, this is very helpful!

Does anyone have any experience with the honors program at Loyola? It looks like it’s very liberal arts focused. I appreciate the broader curriculum typical of Jesuit schools but my S21 is heading towards premed/biochemistry major and we are unsure if this would be a good avenue should he choose to attend LUC.


It disappeared from my son’s page for a day or two before he got his acceptance. Fingers crossed for you.

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Indeed he was accepted the following day! Thanks!

Hello! Has anyone received an invitation to the Ignatian Scholarship yet?

Tonight my daughter received email invite to apply for Ignatian Scholarship.

Application and Essay are due March 1.

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Son received an email to apply for the Gannon Scholars Leadership Program. $8k a year, renewable.

“… complete the online scholarship application no later than Monday, February 1, 2021. Semi-finalists will be expected to participate in an interview on March 27, 2021.”

Unsure whether or not he will try.


Honors programs applications also now appear in the “other applications” part of the portal in addition to Ignatian.

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my “let’s get started” banner disappeared yesterday and i got my acceptance today! good luck everyone!!


Mine too! Thanks for responding. I thought it had passed.

I applied early-mid November and still haven’t heard back yet :frowning:

Our S21 is still not seeing the honors application. Does anyone have any insight about the honors program beyond what’s posted on the LUC website? Our son is kind of on the fence. He’s planning to major in biochemistry and seems to think it will add more to his core curriculum which already looks pretty robust at LUC. Thoughts appreciated.

It’s not under “additional applications” on the " CONGRATULATIONS FUTURE RAMBLER!" page?

Nope…I looked it up with him.

Does any one know if students are on campus for the Spring semester? I am interested in visiting with my daughter. Any recommendations on where to stay, eat, etc is appreciated.

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Students are back on campus - many kids opted for apartments first semester, and some chose to continue remotely, so there are not nearly as many kids on campus as there would normally be. All dorm rooms s and campus apartments are single occupancy for this semester.

There is a Hampton Inn right off campus and many great restaurants. Don’t miss Ann Sather for breakfast, Flaco’s tacos and I Dream of Falafel.


Has anyone been able to locate a current total cost of attendance for LUC. I’m realizing that the numbers we have are a few years old. I’ve found scattered current info but not a full cost summary.

It’s in the financial aid portal. Click on the tab called “bottom line” and it will say how much you owe.

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The number they provide (+/- $62,500) includes only tuition, fees, and housing. The “total cost of attendance” provided by most universities we’ve looked at includes other estimated costs including, food/meal plan, transportation, books and supplies, etc. The actual total cost at LUC appears to be about 70k per year. I may reach out to the Financial Aid Office to see if they have any better information.

If you go into the FA portal, click on “View my FA award” then click on “Estimated COA” it will give you the full breakdown you are looking for.


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