2025 Admissions

Thank you, I looked all over for that.

Hi, My D also has admissions to Bio Chem. Did you hear anything about the honors? I don’t see any under additional appln tab

I did. Essentially they noted that space was limited and that he could apply once enrolled but that either he wasn’t currently eligible or they didn’t have space. It wasn’t a priority for him because he wasn’t sure he wanted to do honors even if offered.

I think he felt that Loyola was already going to offer a robust core curriculum and that the honors college seemed to put even greater focus on the liberal arts. Loyola is still one of his top choices so if he enrolls and feels differently he may still apply but he also wants to look for more STEM specific opportunities, internships or research.

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Thank you. My D is having same thoughts too. She is more interested in the premed prog (UG Bio Chem) and EAP (med school) and was saying the honors may not necessarily help her. This is one of her top choice schools but the fact that she has to apply to EAP only end of spring term of second year and they select only 10 students out of that is kind of bothering … letz see…if you don’t mine me asking is your kid wanting to get to med school too…

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Ha! Great question. Yes and sometimes no. He’s been very active in competitive sports throughout high school; science and math have always been his strongest subjects. He settled on Biochemistry because he felt it would be a good, broad-based major that would allow him to go the medical school route (sports medicine) but would also allow him to pursue other careers, pharmacy, research, nutrition, physical therapy etc.

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@nucities & @Superamma - My D is a biochem major and was admitted to Loyola Chicago as well. Right now she has 2 other schools pending and 3 schools narrowed down from a list of 7. Can you give me some insights into why you have Loyola high on your list. I’m looking for other perspectives.

Loyola is kind of the alternative choice for my son. Not option B, just different. Of the eleven schools he applied to, nine are public and most are large (35k students plus or even more). He is waiting on the UCs this week and that might change the calculus for him but he really likes Loyola as of now.


it appears there is more direct interaction with faculty
smaller class size
good work, internship and research opportunities


Cold (we live in San Diego)
A little far from home (see above)

We have been impressed with everything we have learned about Loyola through this process. We are good friends with a family whose kids graduated recently and they loved it. Although we don’t have family there now, my family and my wife’s family are from Chicago.

My D wants to be a doctor and has still some pending decisions from her fav schools. However, Loyola is on top for Pre - Med due to following reasons

  1. Smaller Class size
  2. Possibility of getting into Med School(EAP) in sophomore year
  3. In state(location)
  4. Good Scholarship
  5. Heard that they prep you well for Med school admissions by offering lots of support and research opportunities if they find you eligible.
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@nucities Thank you for that information. I think we have similar ideas. The weather is typical of New England so it’s not a huge con, but not a huge pro either.

I appreciate hearing about the direct interaction with faculty and internship/research oppty as well as the class sizes. While we want a city school, D doesn’t want anything over 15K students.

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@AMPiette - There is a virtual tour coming up in March 27th and April10th with more information regarding various majors/fin aid etc., for admitted students. It could be helpful.

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My son applied and had a semi finalist interview for the Ignatian Scholarship. Any ideas when that decision comes out? Do they tell you either way or only if you are awarded the scholarship.

Decision day is looming!


I applied on 2/1 and haven’t received my decision yet. Has it taken 2+ months to receive for anyone else?