2026 BFA Prescreen Results

Wanted to hop on to keep a log on who has heard prescreen results for Acting/MT and how long it took!


Can you change this thread to class of 2026 prescreen results? I think it would be easier for people to answer


Hello everyone. Just wondering if someone has heard about prescreens results so far and the dates they were sent/heard back.


Pace MT Acting and TV Film
Sent Sept 9. Heard Sept 15

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Hi! Did you apply to both programs?

So sorry

I should have clarified.

We only heard from acting and tv/film

Still waiting on MT.

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University of Tampa
Sent on Sept. 14 accepted academically on Sept. 21
Prescreens sent Sept. 22

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Have you heard from Pace?

No, not yet. :pray:t3:

Emerson College MT
Sent Sept 17 / heard sept 28

Emerson College MT
Sent sept 17 / heard sept 28

Sent sept 16 / heard sept 30


Heard from PACE MT 10/1; sent Aug 9.

I mean sent Sept 9 heard oct 1. Pace MT

Sent September 23/heard October 4

Does anyone know when Pace send academic acceptances?

Pace does rolling academic acceptances. For the 2020 year, my daughter received her academic acceptance from Pace three weeks after she submitted her application. She submitted on 10/30 and was accepted academically on 11/19.

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Syracuse Music Theater: September 26 heard back October 8

Baylor/Carnegie Mellon/Elon: submitted prescreen 6 Sep

CMU: heard 16 Sep (no)
Baylor: heard 3 Oct (yes)
Elon: heard 8 Oct (yes)

This was for a BFA in acting. All submitted early September.

Still waiting to hear prescreen results for:

USC (not submitted yet)
Point Park

Hi! Did you submit early decision for Syracuse? I submitted my prescreen slightly before and have not heard a response yet.