2026 BFA Prescreen Results

Anyone hear from Florida State yesterday?

Kiddo woke up to an email from Purchase this morning. Not sure if they’re all out at once though? BAL! :slight_smile:


My D today as well. BAL!


Hi! Anybody still waiting on california school prescreen results? Haven’t had any updates from USC and CalArts :confused:

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Thinking they will release at end of Jan - 1st week Feb but hoping it’ll be earlier​:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


finally got otterbein results and it’s a yes!!


Waiting here for those two as well! BAL!


Congratulations! Nice to finish the weekend with great news!

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thank you! all prescreen results are now in!


So nice! Now a different kind of waiting. We still have two we are waiting on.

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which two?

CalArts and USC. Her auditions start this Friday and most have moved to virtual- just couple still planning to be in person.

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Thanks for the update! D will be back to school on Monday, and start discussing on changing plans.

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Same, haven’t had any update from all UCs, just got a USC reminder to submit our financial statements.:pleading_face:

D suddenly decided not to apply for CalArts, for her more and more shifting from Acting to MT. I’d rather have her to apply more good colleges like this, especially in her preferred States.

@Bellatrace74 re: FSU for acting or MT? My kiddo did her first MT callback over zoom yesterday. They said we should hear in about a week if we are invited for in person on campus. Wondering if you guys maybe auditioned the weekend before?

Hello everyone!

DD just auditioned at BOCO and fell in love!

Anyone know what the odds are for acceptance once they are at the audition stage? I know they take as many as 80 in a class but don’t know how many pass the prescreen.

Any insight much appreciated!!!


Junior BoCo parent, here. I replied in the other thread, but thought I’d post here as well. I’d give it 5-8% (that’s not scientific or insider knowledge, just back of the envelope, considering there are 1500-2000 in the prescreen pass, students apply to multiple schools/can only accept one, etc.) Unless you applied ED, BoCo is one of the last to release acceptances - very close to 4/1 -so settle for the ride, buckaroos! And congrats!! You are all very brave (and a little bit crazy!) to roll with such a disruptive audition season.

well it certainly isn’t what we would choose and yet here we are! How does your S/D like it there

My daughter has her audition in Boston next Sat! How were the in person auditions? How many students there auditioning? Did you as a parent attend the theatre information session? Don’t want to be there if I am the only parent and also don’t want to have her be the only kid without a parent! Any insight on the day is so appreciated!! SO pleased you D had a great experience!!

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