2026 Dance Major - Auditions

My DD 17 is applying to 9 schools for BFA/BA in dance. She applied early action to all:

Fordham/Alvin Ailey- awaiting prescribe
Marymount Manhattan- Audition 2/19
Hofstra-Audition 2/20
FSU- Video submission - results expected 2/17
USF-Audition 1/22- accepted academically
East Carolina-Audition 12/11- accepted academically
UNCG- accepted dance video audition awaiting academics
George Mason - accepted Dance awaiting academics

Would appreciate any insight to the programs and upcoming auditions.

Merde to all the dancers

Have you done a search? There are definitely previous threads that discuss a lot of these programs.

Just tried the search without 2026 - thanks- new to this forum, I appreciate the guidance.

Upcoming auditions at Butler and Michigan.

Merde to your dancer!