21 Credits in One Semester at CC

I'm registered for 18 credits in the following Spring semester, taking:</p>

<p>Gen. Bio. 101
Intro. to Chem. (this is not Gen. Chem.)
Calculus I
Macro Economics 101
Writing Composition II (202 course)</p>

<p>However, if I choose to fit in one more class, then I can actually graduate one semester earlier, and I am thinking to add in "Public Speaking 101," which is a prerequisite course for my transfer.</p>

<p>I'm worried that if it would be too overwhelming and eventually result in lower GPA, because I am really anticipated for calculus and economics (professors who are teaching those courses are giving out F's like candies I heard :( </p>

<p>I am taking night classes for some certificate as well (3 nights a week).</p>

<p>Would it be too much?
I want to hear experiences from other students who took n>18 credits in one semester!</p>

<p>If only one class is the difference between graduating a semester earlier, then I say go for it. It would definitely be a harder load but you will be saving time. I took Bio and Anatomy (including the labs) together in one semester and managed to get A+ and A respectively. I suggest for your Chem and Calc class to get a study guide now and start skimming or studying through them for winter break. It's what I'm doing now for my arch classes next sem.
Happy holidays! :)</p>

<p>Why not take one class in the summer term?</p>


<p>I will be studiny over Winter of course, since I had some trouble in pre-calc. Happy holidays to you too !</p>


<p>I'm taking other classes in the summer term. If I don't take this class, then I have to take other class like Physics or Anatomy, which adds up to 3 science/lab classes in one semester.</p>

<p>My concern is that you wrote "I am taking night classes for some certificate as well (3 nights a week)." This means that you are already doing the equivalent of 21 credits as it is (18 credits plus 3 non-credit hours of night classes each week). It would not be a smart thing to further overload your schedule.</p>

<p>At Happykid's CC, 15 credits is a normal load (five 3 credit courses). Many students carry 16 or 17 because they have lab courses (usually 4 credits) or phys ed/health courses (usually 1 or 2 credits) in their schedule. Occasionally a student might go as high as 18 or 19, but anything over that is definitely discouraged by their advisors.</p>

<p>Sit down with your schedule again, and see if there is another way to make everything fit. Do you have a January term where you could take one of the classes in your program? How many summer sessions are there, and how many credits can you take in each one? Would it make sense to spread your coursework more evenly over two or three semesters instead of trying to squeeze it all into just one or two? With that option, you might have more time for a part-time job or for an internship that would be meaningful for your career goals.</p>