2290 Retake?

<p>For a friend...</p>

<p>He got 720M/800R/770W. 720 on math is minus 3, and he got perfect on the PSAT in math, so he is def. capable of getting an 800. but, he says his reading & writing would go down if he takes it again.</p>

<p>under what conditions (if any) should he retake?</p>

<p>well unless they change it, they always took the highest scores on each section and combined them, thus if he gets an 800M, the colleges say they will treat his score as a 2370.</p>

<p>Holy ****, 3 wrong is a 720...damn, I got 2 wrong and I got a 780, one away from an 800. (old SAT)</p>

<p>hardly... 1 wrong is a 790</p>

<p>why would u retake?</p>

<p>well they take the best from each sitting so if he wants to improve math then go ahead, i wouldnt waste the money/time to do it but if he really wants to...haha then its his choice =P</p>

<p>if he is looking at an Ivy, or top science/engineering school, then his record will look better with a 750m. Or, he could cover it by an 800 on Math subject test.</p>

<p>bluebayou gave the best answer. 750m wouldn't hurt any chances. Colleges know that 2,3 silly mistakes can bring down the scores by over 50 points. They see 800m's everyday. 750 might even be refreshing! </p>

<p>and if your friend is really paranoid about that 750, like bluebayou said, take the SATII Math IIC and let him redeem himself with a 800. God... 2290 and a retake? lol</p>

<p>Retake it, I am retaking a 2280. It can't hurt - there is a possibility of doing worse on CR and W, but math will probably improve, and even if it doesnt, colleges use combined scores.</p>

<p>whast the point of retaking those scores though? Most likely, you'll increase maybe around 50 points..thats only a couple of questions on each section. Colleges probably won't really care; getting 1 wrong instead of getting 3 wrong on the math section isn't going affect college admissions much.</p>


<p>I honestly think the way it will reflect on your personality will be more harmful than doing 50 points better will be good. I know it's never been proven, but I really think that it will make you look like a grade-grubber.</p>

<p>yeah, i agree. I think for the really competitive colleges, once you fall into a suitable range of SAT scores, it doesnt really matter whether you have a 1580 or a 1520 (old SAT). It would reflect alot better on your personality if you used the time for the SATs to do something more meaningful.</p>

<p>yeah...retake it. colleges look at the highest component scores</p>

<p>you don't really have to get a 2400 to get a 2400.</p>

<p>actually most colleges consider these scores in bands, like 750-800, 700-740, etc. So the 720 would be treated differently than a 770. Then again, I don't think SATs matter that much even at Ivies. The GPA is def most important.</p>

<p>3 wrong isnt a 720 .. i got a 740 .. i think i had 3 wrong</p>

<p>If he retakes it, he is going to have to retake the whole thing, math, cr, writing, etc. I don't know why anyone would put themselves through that torture just to improve a math score when the same could essentially be done with a strong showing on the Math IIC SATII.</p>

<p>I really don't think a 2350 is much more impressive than a 2290; there is a difference of like 3 wrong questions</p>

<p>should i retake a 2390? ::cries::</p>

<p>ra2000, you probably had two wrong and an omit...or you missed a free reponse. That would explain it.</p>

<p>i strongly suggest you retake that 2390 amnesia. the 10 points off will be DETRIMENTAL to your college apps..you will automatically be placed in the "stupid pile" by the adcoms.</p>

<p>ok, it was a joke.</p>