2nd choice major for Test Optional UT Austin Fall 2021 admission cycle during Covid days

Not sure how true it is but I have “heard” that UT does not consider the 2nd choice major on their application in like 95% of applications. Do you think with UT going Test Optional that it will affect considerations of the 2nd choice major for kids applying this fall?

Also, speaking of Test Optional, do you think the Engineering and Computer Science majors will actually be Test Optional for admissions? Or perhaps just a percentage of them? Do you think the SAT/ACT scores in general will be lower due to lack of testing/retesting opportunities and thereby, a little easier to get into this year?

(My son wants to apply Computer Science and then Electrical Engineering but he doesn’t think he will get into Computer Science based on past admissions cycles with his current SAT. June SAT was cancelled and now August looks like it will be cancelled too. Time is running out to retake it. He doesn’t want to blow his chances of admission by putting Computer Science first if the 2nd choice major isn’t really looked at.)

Thanks for your thoughts!

It’s true , they don’t look at 2nd choice major for anyone other than auto admits . So make sure first choice is the one he really wants .

Also “test optional “ will be great for auto admits , but I would think anyone needing holistic review should have test scores if possible especially for competitive majors .

But yes , if he is ok with electrical it will be less competitive than cs.