3-2 engineering program chances and financial aid (Class of 2026)

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I know this topic has been asked before, but could only find old threads, so I’m not sure the information in them still applies, especially after the pandemic.

I’m an international student who’s looking for an engineering major with plenty of flexibility to dabble with other (humanities) things. For this reason, I’m very interested in LACs with 3-2 programs. The problem is that I need full aid and information seems to be both vague and scarce on how that works for 3-2 students in their second school.
Does anyone know if it’s possible to get full aid in a program like that? I know the most popular schools for it are Columbia, Caltech, Dartmouth and Wash U.

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You will not know the financial aid at the “2” school until you apply for and are admitted as a 3+2 transfer students.

Combined Plan Program Admissions | Columbia Undergraduate Admissions says that “We do not guarantee that we can meet 100% of demonstrated financial need for all admitted students” in the 3+2 program, unlike for other transfer and frosh entrants.

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You are asking colleges to fully find your education in the United States so you can “dabble” and take an additional year to complete your studies?

I’ll stick my neck out here. Most of these colleges give aid for four years of undergrad studies. The expectation is not to fund you for five years.


I think you will be better served finding a school like Notre Dame or Cornell where students don’t declare a major until second semester sophomore year and there are more humanity requirements for graduation. IMO, that’s a safer bet than a 3+2 where you could be denied admission, let alone funding.


-International student
-Who needs full funding
-Who wants to major in engineering
-Who wants a 3 + 2 program

Chances are minimal to begin with, let alone adding more competitiveness with each additional factor.

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