3-2 enigineering

I got accepted in Suny Geneseo, Plattsburgh, Fredonia, Ohio Wesleyan university, Earlham college and Knox

I am getting scholarships from all so money does not matter to me.

I want to do 3-2 engineering with physics and right now from my research, all I have been able to find is that Earlham and Suny Geneseo have the best physics courses.

So I want to know which college should I go to and I am aiming to go to Columbia (caltech in case of OWU) after my 3 years so which college would be the best for that?

and does owu has a good physics department

thank you for your attention

You will probably be full pay at Columbia. It will likely be $70,000/yr or more in 3 years.

Better off starting off in a college with an accredited engineering program.

Columbia has only need based aid, no merit, so will that work for you? You could run their Net Price Calculator.

Earlham has guaranteed admission to the Columbia program IF you meet the requirements. Be sure to familarize yourself with the requirements there & at other schools.