3.4 undergrad from top 3 HBCU, 3.0 in M.A. program at Columbia working on research. What are my chances of getting into Oxford M.A. in Global Governance & Diplomacy program or MSt in Diplomatic studies?

Co-vid has severely impacted my masters GPA. An entire semester of grades were not counted. Anyways, my dream is to go back to my family’s country and use my academic background to establish myself in the political realm. I’m finishing up a Human Rights Studies MA program at Columbia and I majored in English at Morehouse. Currently doing research on the effects of the Liberian war. Do I have any chance?

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Have you read the entry requirements? The MSc admission page says: “The MSc in Global Governance and Diplomacy is one of the most competitive master’s degrees in Oxford’s Social Sciences division. Selection happens on the basis of excellence. Most successful applicants have a first-class degree or equivalent.”

The MSt admission page says: “The DSP is a programme for professionals. It is specifically designed for early- to mid-career diplomats, and a large proportion of its members are established diplomats, who return to their diplomatic careers after the course. Some are nominated by their Foreign Ministries to attend.”

So your undergraduate GPA (a long way short of the 3.7 normally viewed as equivalent to a first) is likely to be pretty much disqualifying for the MSc and as far as the MSt goes you aren’t an established diplomat. Is there a reason why you think Oxford should make an exception for you?


Yeah, I agree with Twoin18. Your undergraduate and graduate GPA are far below what a very competitive program at Oxford would be looking for.

However, I have another question. You are already getting an MA in human rights at Columbia. Why do you need another master’s from Oxford to go work in the political realm in your family’s country? Can you not do what you want with the master’s degree you are already earning?