3 ap classes

Im a sophmore i have never tooken ap classes just all of my classes were pre-ap. Ima take 3 ap classes junior year, Ap English lang , Ap Physics , APUSH. Will i be able to handle them? All my pre-ap courses were A’s

Only you know what you will be able to handle to be honest. Class rigor varies from school to school.

These are pretty normal APs for a junior, but we need to know what else you’re taking junior year and what extracurricular activities you plan on undertaking so we have an idea as to how much time you have for these classes. AP English Language and APUSH are generally outside-reading intensive, AP lab sciences also demand a good amount of out-of-class work.

The remaining classes are easy electives but im also going to be in cheerleading, and im still deciding on whether to take Ap Physics or Ap Chem which one would you say is on an easier level?

AP Chem, from what I’ve heard, is much, much harder than Physics.

You should have a strong background in chem before you take AP Chem. If you do not, I suggest you take AP Physics.

Im honors chem this year and to me it just clicks i have an A+ in that class. I was just doubting Physics because i dont have very strong mathematic skills im average.

What math are you in? If you’ll get to Algebra 2 by junior year, then AP Physics 1 should be fine.

However, seeing as you seem to be very proficient in chem, you might want to take AP Chem, but you will probably need to take physics in some form before you graduate (it’s a recommendation at many different colleges).

What math class are you taking this year?
You could take AP Physics1 or simply honors physics - and that can be done junior or senior year.
So, you could decide to take AP chem Jr year, AP physics 1 Senior year. However AP chemistry is much harder and time intensive than AP physics 1.
In addition to your 3 proposed APs, you should be taking a foreign language, a math (preferably honors- algebra2H or precalculus honors), and one elective of your choice.

Sorry I forgot! Im taking algebra 2 honors next year but yes the rest are electives for sure. Does Ap Physics involve more math than Ap Chem? Or?

AP Physics1 would require math through algebra 2 so ask the physics teacher if you can take it. However AP chem is much harder, conceptually speaking, and very time intensive.
Can you list all the HS classes taken or that you plan to take following this template:
English :
Foreign language:
Social science:
Graduation requirements:
Personal picks/electives:

(Ex: English 9H->English 10H => AP English language => AP English literature or honors seminar)