3 Calc AB 4 Stats. Should I report?

<p>Some of the colleges I'm applying to are:
UCB, UCLA, Umich, U Southern California, Upenn, Cornell</p>

<p>I self studied Calc AB as a junior, took the test and basically bombed - got a 3.
I took AP Stats as a class and got a 4 on the AP. </p>

<p>Should I report the Calc? I feel pretty confident that the Stats helps my resume, but what about the three on Calc?
Should I just report it on some colleges? The lower tier ones? </p>

<p>No idea what to do.</p>

<p>In all AP tests I took I scored a 5 on each one but a 3 on Physics Mechanics. I reported it. Don’t think AP scores are weighed that heavily</p>