$39 Southwest one-way tickets...buy now!

<p>Through 6/24, Southwest is running a fare sale that just allowed me to book a one-way trip for $39. Fares are valid 9/8-11/17 so it won't help for the initial trip to school or for Thanksgiving, but it's perfect if your child wants to come home with you after Parents weekend and you want to fly them back. Also perfect for visiting them to catch a Fall sporting event.</p>

<p>Thanks for this--more for us because we're more than 450 miles away, but still a great deal. Parent's Weekend, here we come!</p>

<p>Thanks for the information...I was able to book for beginning of school and parents weekend. And to check out prices for Nov and Dec.</p>

<p>Note: United had matching fares...but remember they charge for luggage :-(.</p>