4yr grad rate for Engineering

Our DS20 is interested in Aerospace Eng, and currently qualifies for 100% tuition. However, it is only good for 8 semesters. Many engineering schools we’ve looked at say it is very difficult to graduate in 4. We are OOS, so trying to compare costs of completing a degree. How difficult is it to graduate in 4 year from UAH?

My UAH graduate did not receive his degree in engineering, but many of his fraternity brothers did. Several had AP/dual enrollment credit coming in, and they had no trouble graduating in four years. In fact, a couple even did co-ops during their sophomores or junior years and still finished in time.

I’ve never put a kid through college much less an engineering program but I’ve also never heard of a kid who completed an Engineering BS in less than 5 years. OP, my student was accepted by UAH this in fall and quals for same 100% tuition coverage. Don’t think it covers books and other fees that may add up in addition to the uncovered board. Do you have a rocket kid? Huntsville is VERY far from us and we are considering it but not completely seriously. It could be amazing, though.

My son was accepted for fall 2019 too… electrical engineering major. He has 9 AP classes that may help off set some of the required courses and help with the time issue. He is planning to do co-ops so while it may add time, the money earned will hopefully offset the added time.

If you do an internship or co-op during the school year, the scholarship office will place a hold on your monies. That way, your student does not lose the academic money awarded. Check with the scholarship office about that.

As for getting things done in four years, my son’s freshman year roommate came in with some AP credit, ran track and field/cross country and finished in four years. So did several fraternity brothers, including one who spent two years in a co-op at Boeing. As for the tuition scholarship, it covers just that. Fees, books and housing are extra, but you can shop around for books or off-campus housing.