7/8 year FAU medical program(BS/MD) vs UCSD Bachelors in biology

My daughter has done really well at high school:
Valedictorian, 4.85 GPAa, 1550 SAT, 35 ACT, lot of extra curriculars, high schol badminton team etc.

She got regents scholarship with UCSD (We live in San Diego btw) and decided to go there. She also applied for 7/8 year medical program with FAU. Initially she got waitlisted and they called to say she got admitted.

What are some pros and cons about going to 8 year medical program at FAU vs doing bachelors at UCSD, followed by a medical school.

She has to be away from family for sure as we live in California. In terms of cost, since she is a national merit scholar, FAU gave a full ride to tuition and boarding (gave another 2 k for allowance). Her med school cost would be some what high (around 60k but 25k if you are florida resident). Since we had a florida prepaid plan, she might qualify for 25k per year tuition.

what are some cons about going to FAU ? It’s not as highly ranked but does the rank matter. What about her residency chances in California or does she have to pretty much hope for a residency outside CA ?

Tuition at UCSD would be $100k (20K break due to regents scholarship).

Any thoughts.

Just curious, what did you decide? did your daughter go to UCSD or FAU?