7 Days till son goes to prison

<p>In 7 days my son goes to prison on a Felony. He got a nice sentence and this week is all about people saying goodbye to my son by taking him out to dinner. We, his immediate family, are taking him out tomorrow night. While I have made a couple of nice contacts on PRISON TALK, I consider CC as my main online family.My dear H says my son is " starting the next phase of his life." I am sort of terrified, but this is his doing. I just hope I can keep it together at SENTENCING. BTW, I have told my son of my posting here about him, and he is OK with it.</p>

<p>The sooner he goes, the sooner he comes back. Good luck.</p>

<p>I know that this is a very difficult time for your family. I don’t have any words of wisdom, but I do want to tell you that your son will be in my prayers (you, too).</p>

<p>I hope you have significant in person support.</p>

<p>Hugs to you, fauxmaven.</p>

<p>So sorry to hear.</p>

<p>Ah, fauxmaven, we can tell how terrible this is for you :(. {{{Hugs}}}</p>

<p>fauxmaven, I have been ready your posts about your son and my heart goes out to you. When our children are born, we have so many dreams for them and this type thing is not what we ever would wish for. But sometimes they have to take the longest path in order to be a better person. </p>

<p>My brother went through a 20 year period of drugs, alcohol abuse and stealing from everyone. He ended up in a correctional facility and finally saw the light. he has been out for over 5 years and clean and sober for 5+ years. He attends AA meetings every week and still has a sponsor. He lives on his own- something that we never thought he would be able to do (he has always been emotionally handicapped) and manages his own SSI.</p>

<p>My thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Let’s pray that the judge gives him a fair sentence.</p>

<p>I’m so sorry about all this. I’ve been following your posts and know how difficult this has been for you. Stay strong.</p>

<p>It’s a clich</p>

<p>So sorry. A good friend of mine went through this with her son and, after a couple of very rough years, he is like a new person. He has completely gotten his life on track and his family couldn’t be happier. Thinking of you.</p>

<p>I think that every parent here realizes that we could be in your shoes. You have shown grace and intelligent questions all these months. We are glad for you that things are moving forward in a logical way.<br>
Hugs to you and son.</p>

<p>all of you are included in my prayers. I know this is heartbreaking, keep us up on how he and you are doing</p>

<p>I am so sorry you are going through this. You are very generous to share something that is obviously so difficult and painful.</p>

<p>Hoping all goes as well as can be expected for you and your family.</p>

<p>Hopefully he will take advantage of some of the educational offerings available in most prison systems. The truth is that an inmate who wants to learn and improve can do so even if he or she committed the worse crimes of anyone in the prison.</p>

<p>You are an amazing mom and are showing a great deal of strength. (At least on the outside) Please keep us posted so we can help you work through your sadness and your fears. </p>

<p>I hope your son got placed in a decent facility and within driving distance from home. </p>


<p>Im following this thread now…please keep us posted. Do you have any idea how much time he will serve? As a poster said above. Any of us could be in your shoes.
I will be thinking of you and praying for you, your son and your family.</p>

<p>Hugs, Fauxmaven. I hope the time goes by as quickly as possible for all of you. Before long you will be taking him out to dinner again when he comes home and all of this will be in the past. Keep that visual in your mind this week.</p>

<p>Praying for you and your family. I saw earlier posts where you mentioned prison talk and i passed the link on to my sister-in-law. My nephew had similar problems and just spent 9 months in prison. He just got out a few days ago out of state and traveled home. Spoke to him for the first time today. I feel you pain.</p>