93rd oscars

Did anyone watch last night? How many (if any) of the movies have you seen?
I watched and thought it was slow and boring…and it seemed small. Not the best Oscars by a long shot

I’m a big fan of award shows. I know that the oscars were working with COVID restrictions this year, so major cudos to them. However, I felt like they could have done better. The set felt depressing to me. The walls felt bare, the decorations were off etc. I hadn’t really seen any of the movies due to COVID. Also, there were a couple of Reese Witherspoon jokes that nobody laughed at (awkward) and I was so sad that Chadwick Boseman didn’t win, which we all thought would happen. The show ended VERY abruptly too.
I’m waiting for the Tonys to come back next year! I miss broadway lol!!

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Didn’t watch…absolutely no interest. Also read they made the homeless move out of the venue - train station? Not clear why they couldn’t use one of the numerous vacant venues in LA.

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I thought the Grammys were much better.

Used to love award shows before everything became so politicized. Award nights used to be great family fun, but sad to say we don’t even watch them anymore.


I really enjoyed it. I liked the more personal introductions of the nominees. Loved most of the dresses, but also liked the number of women who said no to full-out makeup.

I watched the short film winners last night on Netflix. I had seen several of the nominees – more than in most years. I really want to see The Father now, because I thought Chadwick Boseman was fantastic in Ma Rainey and am curious what performance outdid that one.

Does anyone know why they gave best actress and actor after best picture?

The Academy is not saying, but sources say they wanted to end with an anticipated Chadwick Boseman win rather than a movie nobody heard of. Of course, Anthony Hopkins won and was not even there.

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I thought it was just okay. The In Memoriam section was very rushed and poorly done- barely time to read the names and what some of them did in the industry.

My biggest disappointment was with Husavik My Hometown not winning for best original song. If you didn’t see it performed on the preshow, you can see it on YouTube. It was filmed in Husavik and it is a beautiful song. The official video of it from the movie is wonderful too. I have been to Husavik but it would have been my favorite anyway. It is just a great song!

I felt the same way. It was way too rushed, I couldn’t see the names and what their line of work was, it actually felt very disrespectful to those who have passed. It doesn’t have to go on and on, but they could have slowed it down a lot. Big mistake on their part.

I also didn’t like how they didn’t show clips of the nominee’s movies. I like to see a bit of their work and what they’re actually nominated for. Especially, the short films and documentaries which I don’t always see…its nice to put a face with their work.


I also thought it was confusing how they sometimes skipped around to other locations. The British Film Institute location looked so sparse. I was reading an article that said it looked like the people there had arrived way too early to something or were attending a not so good movie…

I love the Oscars but not this year’s broadcast. I enjoy the opening and the comedy (and musical comedy) bits and missed those (Glenn Close was great though!). I was annoyed they kept touting that there was no host- felt insulting to Lil Rel who (imo) was clearly functioning in that role. I missed having the clips of the nominees before the announcement of the winner. The whole show felt kinda awkward to me, I guess. And of course, the reshuffling snafu was a bad look and I wouldn’t have liked it even if Boseman had won- best picture should always be last. I loved some of the speeches though. Daniel Kaluuya made me LOL in my living room.

I usually don’t watch award shows, but gave it a try for a few moments.
I felt like I was watching a funeral.
Maybe I was.

I usually will watch at least part of the show, but it felt very flat this year. The pre-event red carpet is always fun to watch with the short interviews and amazing clothes. That was very minimal this year. The In Memoriam was rushed and did not focus on any of the truly special actors that passed this year. No film snippets of any of them.

The acceptance speeches, at least some of them, seemed to drag on. Probably because nothing else was happening. I had seen a few of the movies. Although others were great. We had just seen Minari so loved the supporting actress winner.

Hopefully, by 2022 will be back to the “real” Oscars. Also, looking forward to both “In the Heights” and “West Side Story” later this year - hopefully in a real theater!

Considering it’s Covid days, and what the academy had to work with I quite enjoyed it. I was pleased that they didn’t “play anyone off” mid thank you speeches. A bit messy and unprepared. It felt real to me. I like that. If you’ve ever been in Union Station (Los Angeles) it is a beautiful space, and I liked the intimacy of it.

We didn’t bother watching this year and from what I have seen online we didn’t really miss much. Judging by less than 10 million people tuning in I guess we weren’t the only ones to skip it. I normally love the red carpet and try to see many of the movies before the Oscars, but this year I just was not feeling it so I passed.

I started watching but found it boring and turned off the TV.

I still can’t believe they did not find a way to include original songs in the main program. The Husavik My Hometown performance in particular was a wonderful, not to be missed performance that was relegated to a preshow, which very few saw .Very unfortunate.