A little piece of advice

<p>Make sure you get a copy of your transcript and review it carefully for errors before sending them off! I picked up my daughter's transcript last week and there was a grade error on it. My daughter was out of town and missed a quiz/test the last day of the 3rd quarter. The zero was factored into her grade and she ended up with a C for the quarter. She made up the quiz after spring break and the grade was supposed to have been corrected. I made sure she got a corrected report card and saved it in her file. When we got her transcript, she had a semester grade of C. They had never made the grade correction! It turns out that when she had her corrected report card printed out, they printed out the second quarter grades instead of the third. It took her nearly an hour at the guidance office yesterday to get it corrected. They had to get the Asst. Principal of Academics to call the teacher and sign off for a grade override. </p>

<p>The best part, the lady in the guidance office told my daughter not to worry about it, the C wasn't factored into her GPA anyway(wrong)! My daughter flipped out! She told the lady, "You don't understand, I cannot have a C on my transcript. You need to call somebody"! I just happened to call her about this time, and I was laughing so hard because I could see the whole scene played out in my head. And of course, that just made her more upset, but I couldn't help it, I thought it was hysterical! </p>

<p>I am proud of her for sticking to her guns and making sure it got fixed to her satisfaction. She is not one that challenges authority and just a few months ago she would have said ok and gone home. It is amazing how much they mature at this age.</p>

<p>A great story Fishy...</p>

<p>Especially since the erro was supposed to have been fixed over a quarter agao. Glad she had the back up info etc.
How sloppy for the admin to not change it and THEN to tell her "it didn't matter and wouldn't affect her gpa"</p>

<p>Glad she made sure it was corrected and her transcript is right now.</p>

<p>Fishy - that was a great life lesson. I guarantee your daughter will NEVER forget that experience. In a few years, when she is applying for a mortgage, she will be watching the mortgage lender like a hawk! ;-) m I'm glad you got it straightened out.</p>

<p>Excellent advice, checking those transcripts. Our school had changed over to computer generated transcripts and the registrar could not keep up with entering new test scores. Once entered, somehow many did not appear on the transcript. </p>

<p>We always ordered and paid for an extra "official" one, which I learned to open and examine before driving away from the school. About 80% of them were incomplete-missing APs, Subject test scores, or missing classes. Whew, it made me sentimental for the old days of SAT tape scores, stuck on those hard copies for life.</p>

<p>Fishy- funny story ☺
Since first grade S1 has had the worse luck- every year there have been major mistakes: on report cards, awards given to other kids, forgot to call his name at Graduation during the award ceremony. You name it we had it. I am paranoid when he comes to all that.
It has given him this quiet force as he does not expect any public recognition anymore, as long as he knows he has attained his goal he is very happy...his mother another story!! Give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar</p>

<p>fishymom--Thanks for that tidbit. Kudos to your daughter for standing her ground. I, too, have an issue with my daughter's final transcript for this, her junior year, in two classes. You have inspired me to head over to the school tomorrow to view a hard copy of the updated transcript.</p>

<p>22wins, I hope you get everything straightened out.</p>