A Question for Test Optional Admits

I understand that Whitman, starting with this past admission cycle, has gone test optional. I also know that other colleges (for instance, Pitzer), counterintuitively became a lot more selective after going test optional. So this question is for newly admitted students who opted not to submit SAT/ACT test scores: What did your other stats look like, out of curiousity? Thanks!

I hope some students chime in with an answer but this is a pretty quiet thread so I’m not holding my breath :slight_smile:

Do you have a rising senior thinking of applying? My D18 will likely apply, and will likely apply without submitting scores.

Mine has a couple of years yet before he applies, but Whitman is definitely on his list (he will likely apply without scores as well), and since this is so new and there isn’t a lot of data out yet with respect to this shift, I just wanted to throw this out there. Wonder whether Whitman will end up heading down the Pitzer road in terms of how selective they become as a consequence of this policy (Pitzer became extremely selective after making this move). Hope some students chime in with an answer as well - maybe, if we’re lucky, it will only remain quiet temporarily. :wink:

I do wonder if Pitzer is in a bit of a unique situation given that it is part of the Claremont Consortium and interest likely skyrocketed when they went test optional (kids with weaker scores but an otherwise strong transcript seeing Pitzer as the most likely path into the 5cs). The 5 C consortium is unique, none of the other consortiums enjoy that degree of continuity among campuses let alone proximity. Makes me wonder if the tremendous success Pitzer has enjoyed with application numbers isn’t partly due to the flexibility of being in the consortium.

I envision Whitman’s test optional path will be a little bit more like the other schools in the CTCL cohort. There are lots of test optional schools in there and they haven’t gotten crazy selective like Pitzer. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out for Whitman. All I can say is my daughter is very thankful her transcript can stand on its own merits without having to submit test scores to Whitman!

Hello! Prospective student here. I was debating whether or not to sumbit my test scores (1250 when the average is 1330-1450). I’ve done a lot of extracurriculars, leadership positions and AP classes though. Any advice?

@heyitsnaynay Can you tell us a little more about your transcript- what is your UW vs. W GPA? Have you taken a balanced course load including the main sciences?

Also, what state are you from? Are you male or female? Full pay or significant financial need? Early decision or regular decision? There is so much to take into consideration!

Bowdoin has been test optional for years, and they are very selective. One pattern that I’ve seen is that it is harder to garner merit aid st schools that offer it without scores.