About All These Questions

<p>There are too many threads floating about, so here are some tips:</p>

<li>There is a search function, please use it before asking.</li>
<li>Looking around the UMD website and FAQ should answer most questions.</li>
<li>Look through the already made threads, you're question might have already been answered ten times over.</li>
<li>Post in already made threads with your question, making a thread just spams the first page and it might also not be answered.</li>
<li>Think. Is this question important? Can it be answered with your own common sense?</li>
<li>If your question is unique, then please, go on and ask!</li>

<p>thanks nuplex!</p>

<p>not to be mean or anything, but why do you care? Click on the threads your interested in, if your not no one is making you click on them. This is just another waste of a thread as you would call it.</p>

<p>I care because every thread that's made I click to see if it's important. Often times, people are asking things that were answered in a topic just below theirs. It also pushes other, more pertinent, questions from the top. </p>

<p>Everyone's full of energy and now has limitless curiosity in UMD, but before they ask a forum of people just as unknowing (me too) as they are, they should use their resources. That's where I get all the answers I regurgitate.</p>

<p>people are happy, chill out.
there would be an annoying person to make a thread like this...smh</p>

<p>You think they are making pointless posts? At least some people are getting answers out of this. This post is utterly pointless</p>

<p>I have to agree with nuplex though...there are at least 4 new topics about LEP stuff</p>